Paying for Your Car Rental with Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin for Rental Cars

Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic in payments today and for good reason. The promise of these digital value-transfer systems – and the blockchain ledgers that power them – has technologists imagining the future. But cryptocurrencies aren’t about just possibility or potential: You can try out a few exciting uses for digital currency right now. For instance, you can rent your next car with bitcoin!

Paying for car rentals through standard currencies can be inconvenient, especially when you’re traveling out of the country. Using bitcoin cuts through some of the complications to streamline the renting process. E-Z Rent-A-Car’s bitcoin transactions act as an exciting preview of widespread cryptocurrency acceptance, showing the potential advantages of traveling with bitcoin. Right now, E-Z Money Members are able to redeem their rewards dollars for Bitcoin! 

A Secure and Seamless Option

Paying for a rental car with bitcoin may mean carrying less cash, keeping your money safer. Traditional digital payments have their own security issues, as personal information theft can take place at any payment terminal. As long as there’s mobile internet access, you can make a bitcoin transaction – no sensitive payment info needed. Renting a car with cryptocurrency on your next trip is a way to keep a closer eye on your money.

In addition to security, bitcoin adds a layer of simplicity. Transactions connect the buyer directly to the seller. Since there’s no need to dial a third-party service for authorization, sales go through without delay.

Escape Charges and Embrace Convenience

Using standard banking methods to get money can open you up to paying extra fees. Out-of-network ATM fees and international credit card charges are a few of the inconvenient costs that can pile up. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are an alternative to the banking system and don’t come with these strings attached.

At E-Z Rent-A-Car, we stick to practices and policies that will be convenient for our customers. Our use of bitcoin follows this philosophy.

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