Things to Do in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most distinctive cities in all of Spain; it offers its own identity due to the unique architecture and works of art that can be found across the city.

There is something for everyone in this popular European city. Culture vultures will struggle to find time to explore the inexhaustible array of beautiful buildings and events within the city, while food lovers can take their pick from 20 Michelin starred restaurants. To ensure you have an amazing experience from start to finish, here are the best things to do in Barcelona.

Take a Stroll Through La Ramblas

La Ramblas is a sequence of promenades that runs from Plaça de Catalunya all the way to the Columbus Monument, which can be found at the waterfront. The summer is the perfect time to visit, as the area is filled with street performers, living statues, colorful flower stands, and bird sellers. Once you arrive at the waterfront, you should step inside Barcelona’s Aquarium to come face-to-face with different sea life.

Enjoy the Beauty of Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família is the most breathtaking building in all of Barcelona and was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. Believe it or not, the large Roman Catholic church remains unfinished, despite it opening in 1882. Once the spires have been installed, it will become the tallest church building in the world.

What makes Sagrada Família so impressive is that it is an amalgamation of various architectural styles, such as Catalan Modernism, Spanish Late-Gothic, and Art Nouvea. It’s one building you won’t be able to miss in Barcelona.

Snap a Photo of Casa Batlló

Another world-famous building designed by Antoni Gaudi is Casa Batlló, which offers a distinctive exterior that makes it stand out from the crowd of buildings. While the apartment block wasn’t created from scratch, Gaudi undertook the unique remodel at the turn of the 20th century.

You also should take a good look at the building’s roof, as the tiles are a great dragon’s scales. Once again Gaudi uses few straight lines and impressive attention to detail, which are now synonymous with Barcelona’s architecture.

Take a Trip to Park Güell

If you want to round off your Antoni Gaudi experience, you must take a trip to Park Güell, which is a beautiful garden complex located on Carmel Hill. Many tourists visit this beautiful area of Gràcia to experience the attractive panorama of Barcelona.

Of course, the highlight of the park is the multicolored tile mosaic walls and seats, which will provide the perfect backdrop for an Instagram selfie. You can also view sculptures, and colonnades, which are all in the world-famous architect’s unique style.

Book a Food Tour

Barcelona provides an eclectic mix of cuisines, which provides food lovers with the ultimate city break. In addition to enjoying traditional Spanish dishes, you can also step inside one of many Japanese-style noodle bars that are incredibly popular in the city.

There are also many Basque-style bars that allow you to enjoy croquettes and fish, which are served on freshly-baked bread and secured with a toothpick. If you want to experience the very best flavors Barcelona has to offer; you should book a food tour during your city break.

City History Museum

The City History Museum is a must-visit for history lovers, as you can view one of the few preserved Roman sites within the Gothic Quarter, which includes the Funeral Way on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid and the Temple of Augustus. An elevator will also take you down the remnants of laundries, a garum factory, and a dyeing shop.

Climb Montjuïc Mountain

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona, put on your walking shoes and enjoy a climb up Montjuïc mountain, which offers scenic surroundings and great views of the city. Not only does it feature natural surroundings, but you will also find buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games on your travels, such as the Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi.

Experience Camp Nou

Camp Nou is a 99,000-seater stadium that serves as the home ground of FC Barcelona and has done since 1957. Even if you’re not interested in sports, you cannot help but be impressed by the jaw-dropping scale of this stunning stadium.

You can enjoy a tour of the stadium and browse the museum to view memorabilia and trophies from one of the most prestigious soccer teams in the sport. It is, however, important to note that the stadium tour will be unavailable on or days before a match day, so browse the sporting calendar before a visit.

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