Best Family Christmas Vacations

Best Family Christmas Vacations

Christmas is a time of year that many of us look forward to, especially children. While it’s nice to spend Christmas at home, it can also be fun to have a vacation instead. This year, if you are finding the thought of cooking the Christmas dinner chore, or would prefer not to spend time making small talk at the seemingly endless Christmas parties, then taking a vacation is just the thing you need. Here are some of the best family vacation spots for Christmas to make a magical festive season for you and your family to treasure forever.

Montreal, Canada

Nothing says Christmas more than ice-skating on a frozen lake, followed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate. In Montreal, there are plenty of winter sports activities to keep you busy on family Christmas vacations. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, such as indoor malls and outdoor Christmas markets. For something special, visit the Luminothérapie light installations at the Place des Festivals, where you can interact with different forms of light and movement, free of charge. Montreal’s snowy climate is great for getting you in the festive spirit, and is a special place to be during the holidays.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean

If you want to get away from the cold weather, head for family Christmas vacations with a difference! The temperature in the Dominican Republic in December is a balmy 25°C over the festive period, so ditch the woolly hats and coats and grab your shorts and t-shirts instead. Despite the tropical climate, you will find the street decorated with wooden Christmas trees, reindeer and other handmade decorations.

The traditional dinner is celebrated on Christmas Eve, and Dominican foods such as specialty breads, roasted pork, salads and fruits are used to make a feast.

For the magic of the season, but without the cold weather, the Dominican Republic is one of the great family vacation spots for Christmas.


With its snowy climate, beautiful evergreen forests and waterfront settlements, Alaska is a great place to enjoy the festive season. If you are looking for an outdoor vacation where you can enjoy the natural, unspoiled beauty of the landscape, or if you prefer to stay warm and cozy indoors, Alaska has just what you are looking for.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to visit the Alaskan town in the North Pole, take part in lighting ceremonies that take place state-wide, or shop for some special gifts at Christmas markets?

New York City

For a magical trip, New York City during Christmas is a special time where you can soak up the festive ambiance of the city. Storefronts become alive with theatrical decoration and festive scenes, and there are plenty of opportunities to visit Santa!

One must-see place is the Rockefeller Center, where the Christmas tree lighting ceremony is a wondrous sight. Or, why not enjoy some outdoor activities such as ice-skating at many of the city’s parks? New York City is famed for being a fun place to spend Christmas, and even the biggest humbug will begin to find their festive spirit.


This important state in American history is a great place for family Christmas vacations. Take a tour of the Independence Hall, to find out more about the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, before heading out for some winter sports in some of the state’s enchanting forest and mountain regions.

Sticking with history, immerse yourself in the world of Charles Dickens by visiting the town of Wellsboro, when the magic of The Christmas Carol is brought to life. Stroll down festive Victorian streets, with actors playing characters from the book. Enjoy tasty Christmas edibles before watching the turning on of the lights turn on the Christmas tree.

Jamaica, Caribbean

With its warm climate, celebrating Christmas in Jamaica means you will get to experience some unique festive traditions.

Christmas Eve is also known as ‘Grand Market,’ where people come out in their best clothes to buy things and party until the early hours.

Festive food includes a traditional cake made from fruit that has been soaked in rum and wine, and Christmas day dinner has items such as fresh fruits and sorrel. Also on the menu is ackee and saltfish, as well as breadfruit and fried plantain.

If you want a warm Christmas this year, both in the weather and the culture, then Jamaica is the perfect vacation destination.

Having a Christmas vacation is a great idea if you are getting fed up of doing the same thing each year. Instead, pack your bags and try one of these alternative destinations and have the best Christmas yet.

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