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E-Z Rent-A-Car Values

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Since 1994, E-Z Rent-A-Car has continued to provide a great rental experience to every customer we serve. Each car rental associate receives specific training to provide the best customer service, while being an ambassador of the city you are visiting. We understand that, in most cases, your interaction with an E-Z Rent-A-Car rental agent is your first opportunity to experience the hospitality and culture of the city you are visiting. Each E-Z Rent-A-Car employee is especially proud of creating that fantastic first impression of their city and we hope to deliver that first impression to you at every step along the way.

E-Z Rent-A-Car holds a strong commitment to delivering the Best Value in Car Rental. Since our beginnings, we have provided this value by offering current model year vehicles at incredible prices while practicing our signature and customer reviewed, top notch customer service. We look forward to providing you with rental transportation on your next vacation or business trip from our many locations.

E-Z Rent-A-Car History

We started small, but expanded it correctly. Our start with a fleet of nine vehicles at the Orlando International Airport in 1994 was the beginning. Today we have grown into a major competitor in the rental car industry on a national and worldwide level. After starting in the city that is now the #1 vacation destination, E-Z Rent-A-Car has expanded. We have carefully selected new and exciting marketing by expanding throughout the United States and throughout the World.

E-Z Rent-A-Car is The Best Value in Car Rental. We deliver this value to you through our excellent customer service, current model year vehicles, easy and efficient reservation and rental process and our low rates. We continue to expand on a national level because of the value that we provide. Please check back often as we continue to expand into new markets.