The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in America

On a continent with so much natural beauty, it sometimes feels like the U.S. Highway system was designed specifically for road trips. The sheer scale and variety on offer makes road tripping in the U.S. an incredible adventure, with 2.7 million miles of road to choose from.

There’s enough road in the United States to get you around the world 110 times! With so much road mileage, some roads are obviously going to be more dangerous than others. If you’re planning a journey or a road trip adventure, then you might want to bring some extra mental focus when traveling on these roads. Thrilling as they might be, you’re going to need your wits about you.

Atlanta: Interstate 75

Interstate 75 is an amazingly impressive road. It starts just off Lake Superior, then runs a massive 1,786 miles right to the Miami Lakes in distant Florida. That’s some impressive driving, and it has some sights that really give an ideal sample of what the US has to offer. 75 traverses the edge of the Canadian border, cuts through Detroit, crosses through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and then finally lands in Georgia. It’s a truly epic driving experience. But endless driving means endless danger, and Interstate 75 has a high accident rate – especially in the final stretch into Atlanta. If you’re taking this route, you’re going to want to be alert at all times.

Alaska: The Dalton Highway

It might be beautifully wild, but that wilderness is the main reason why the Dalton Highway in Alaska is so dangerous. It’s been called nightmarish, but the 400-mile road has some truly spectacular sights to see. There are remote forests, stunning tundras, and even the Yukon River, with a stunning finish at the edge of the wild Arctic Ocean. It’s not the road itself that’s dangerous, it’s the remoteness of it all. There’s a huge 240-mile stretch that doesn’t have a single gas station, hotel, or restaurant, nor a break for safety. That’s a long way to walk if you break down. And with steep grades and the risk of avalanches, it’s no wonder that drivers approach this road with a caution. Add in the fact that bears and herds of caribou are occasionally encountered on or near the highway, you really need to be prepared for this journey – mentally, physically, and supply-wise. Your phone might not help either, as cell-phone coverage is notoriously sketchy.

Nevada: I-15

Interstate 15 takes you from Vegas to LA and back again, and there is plenty to see on the drive. It’s a great road and an incredible driving experience, but it’s also been called the deadliest stretch of road in America. With just over 1,700 miles to explore, it’s no surprise that there’s going to be accidents, but with one study showing that in 15 years there was a massive 1,069 fatal accidents on I-15, it’s certainly a contender for the deadliest road in America. Take your time if you tackle this journey, and be sure to take regular breaks. Maybe stop to see Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car as you pass through Primm in Nevada.

Colorado: The Million Dollar Highway

US Route 550 in Colorado winds its way over three separate 10,000 ft mountains, complete with hairpin corners, steep cliffs, and absolutely no guardrails. This is extreme driving, though locals say it’s a lot safer than it looks. When it was featured on USA Today on a list of the most dangerous roads in the world, locals were quick to call that claim overblown. That may be, but it’s a particularly unforgiving stretch, and if you’re driving in winter then you’re really taking your life into your own hands. It’s worth it though. This is one incredibly beautiful journey, as long as you’re a confident driver and you take your time.

Montana: Highway 2

This is another stretch of road that isn’t the most difficult drive, but is made all the more risky by the large expanses in between towns. If the worst happens and your car breaks down, or if you have an accident, you are very much on your own. The average time that it takes for an ambulance to get to the scene on Highway 2 is a 80 minutes – an eternity if you’re in dire straits. The speed limit doesn’t help, with 70 mph roads going through some deliriously mountainous stretches. You’re really going to need to have some driving experience before you even attempt this journey. The fact that it’s all so remote means that far too many drivers take to the road with reckless abandon, greatly compounding the risk.

Driving should be a pleasure, and these roads all have their positives. Take your time, know what you’re getting into, and do your prep work. Dangerous they may be, but even the most dangerous roads in America come with some stunning, beautiful, and unique sights. Just drive safe!

MIA vs. FLL – Comparing Miami Airports

Millions of people live in South Florida, so the two main airports in Miami can get very busy. With the choice of two airports to fly to, travelers to Miami are able to take advantage of the stiff competition between Miami International (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL). Prices can wildly fluctuate between the two locations, which means that you could find a bargain on any given day by comparing the two bustling travel spots. That means that it’s a good idea to look at the differences between the two that aren’t affected by price. Depending on your budget and your itinerary, you could be better off choosing one over the other, so in order to make things easier for your journey, this guide to both could make your decision much easier to make.

Miami International

This is the main airport in Miami, and that’s not really a surprise. Being the busier of the two airports in Miami, it’s served by the majority of the major airlines. That means that you can fly in or out of MIA to almost anywhere in the world without much in the way of hassle. There are two airlines that have been noted as having never having flights available from MIA, Southwest and JetBlue, both of whom will fly out of Fort Lauderdale.

However, despite the lack of these two airlines, MIA is usually going to be your best option if you’re flying into South Florida. It’s just eight miles north-west of the famous Miami downtown. That means it’s very convenient when it comes to getting to and from some of the best and most popular tourist attractions in and around Miami. Sometimes called the main gateway into Latin America, MIA is a frantic and busy airport, and doesn’t have the best reputation.

It can be a little slow to work your way through, and there’s a level of disorganization that can make the final stage of your journey quite frustrating. MIA has a history of letting travelers miss flights, largely due to the confusion caused by the baggage collection process and the immigration control management. These two issues are a major problem, and the fact that many of the staff in MIA only speak Spanish can be a further issue if you start having problems on your journey.

It’s not all bad, however. There are some amazing places to eat in MIA, and some great bars and shops too. If you get stuck in MIA for a few hours, you’re not going to struggle too much to stay well-fed, and the musicians that are scattered around the public areas can be great entertainment too.

It’s got its problems, but when you’re the main airport for such a highly populated area that’s surrounded by tourist attractions, some issues are to be expected.

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International

FLL isn’t as large as MIA, but it’s still pretty massive. It’s a little further out than some travelers prefer, but it’s only eight miles of driving to get straight into Miami itself. With four good-sized terminals, FLL has a high number of international flights, as well as some smaller, domestic airlines that are famously low-fare options. You could save a lot of money with your flight by heading to FLL instead of MIA. If you’re heading to Miami for the first stage of a cruise, then Fort Lauderdale should definitely be your priority when looking at airports near Miami. The cruise port is literally minutes away from the arrivals exit!

Dues to its smaller size, FLL has been able to make the most of its potential, and there are some great facilities on offer. For business travelers, there’s an entire business center available that is ideal if you still need to exchange some currency, photocopy some presentation notes, or get online. The Business Service Center is only open from 8am to 5pm, so if you’re on an overnighter you won’t be able to gain access to these facilities.

If you’re traveling with the family, there are facilities available for you as well, with baby-feeding stations scattered throughout the airport and plenty of food concessions to satisfy most palates. Schedules can get a little mixed up when it comes to eating and drinking, but in worst case scenarios there are also a number of decent vending machines available too.

Miami Airport vs Fort Lauderdale Airport

The best airport for you is going to depend on your budget, the bargain flights that you find, and what you’re planning to do once you land in Miami. Always check your itinerary and be very aware of the travel times to your hotel. Flight prices can vary widely between the two airports, and there can be some real bargains to find if you have the patience.

When it comes to choosing Miami Airport vs Fort Lauderdale Airport, always opt for the one that gives you the best price and the easiest access to all that you want to get done in this beautiful and vibrant part of the world.

Things to do in Alaska in the Summer

When you think about a summer getaway, it’s unlikely that the first place that comes to mind is Alaska. However, you should know that this is an attractive destination with hidden gems and you can visit any time of the year you want to.

There are unforgettable activities you can get up to, whether they be adventure-related or something to help you relax and reflect. If you’ve added Alaska to your list of places to go, then you’ll need to research things you can keep busy with while you’re there. Having said that, continue reading if you want to find things that you can do in Alaska during the upcoming summer.

Visit Denali National Park

If you want to visit one of the largest national parks in the United States, then you should add this one to the list of things to do in Alaska. Located in the Northern part of the Alaska Range, Denali National Park is home to grizzly bears, reindeer, elk, as well as other animals. In addition to this, over 167 species of birds have also apparently been recorded in the park.

Denali National park is the perfect destination for nature lovers and those who enjoy the great outdoors. So if this sounds like you, put Alaska on your bucket list.

See Highways

Alaska has many picture worthy highways that are filled with stunning landscapes and dreamy views. Below are a few you could see in Alaska in the summer.

  • Alaska Highway: This highway runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia all the way through to the Yukon territory to Delta Junction which is located near Fairbanks. In terms of the history of this highway, it was built in 1942 during WWII and took just eight months to complete. Over the years, this highway has become an important route to access land to the Yukon Territory as well as southern Alaska.


  • Dalton Highway: Another highway that you should endeavor to at least see once is the Dalton highway. It stretches over 400 miles into Alaska’s far north region leading up to the outpost of Prudhoe Bay. Although a somewhat lonely and rugged highway, an incentive to travel along it would be that the gates of the Arctic National Park Reserve and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are along the roadside.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

If you want to get up close and personal with Alaska’s culture, then you should see the Alaska Native Heritage Center. This will give you insight into Alaska’s 11 major cultural groups so that you’re able to learn more about the Alaskan people. At the heritage center, you can expect hands-on interactions with music, people, and art.

Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

For all of the animal lovers that are out there, another exciting activity to try during your summer in Alaska is going to the wildlife center. There are 15 species of animals that you could see when you visit which include foxes, wolves, moose reindeer, and grizzly bears amongst others. With so many wonderfully wild and rugged animals to witness, this wildlife center will spark joy in you.

In case you’re wondering what the history behind this place is, it was founded by filmmaker and naturalist Steve Kroschel; he helps take care of abandoned or wild animals from either Canada or Alaska.

Steve Kroschel has an interesting backstory, which is just as interesting as the wildlife center itself. Kroschel currently freelances for Walt Disney Pictures, Lionsgate, Universal, and Paramount Pictures, to name but a few. He has also contributed to many wildlife documentaries.

Go Whale Watching

Alaska in the summer can be a beautiful place to be, especially if you decide to go whale watching. If you’ve never seen one up close and personal, this is your chance to do so.

A more specific place to go would be Juneau, which is a destination that’s surrounded by ancients glaciers as well as rainforests. You can use a company such as Juneau Whale Watch if you want more of a guided experience when going to see the whales. Whales are magnificent creatures and are sure to make your trip one to remember.

Aurora Ice Museum

For those who are open to new experiences and want to see something that is different and mystique during Alaska summer, go to the Aurora Ice Museum. Here you will find over 1,000 tons of both ice and snow and explore a museum that is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the museum, you’ll see sculptures that were made by well-known ice carvers.

Top Memorial Day Trips

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and many people are thinking about how they’re going to spend the weekend. Seeing as it only comes around once a year, it’s crucial that you plan ahead and explore what your options are. During this period, many get a break from work and as a result, would like to take a trip away. How far you can go often depends on your budget, so think about places you can go nationally as well as internationally. To give you some inspiration, here are top Memorial Day trips that you could consider taking this year.


Consider going to the sunshine state if you want to spend your Memorial Day weekend in the sun. Florida is relatively warm all year round, so you can anticipate a bright and vibrant weekend.

In terms of things you can do in Florida, one of the primary attractions are the beaches. Some of the most appealing beaches are Miami Beach, South Beach, and Clearwater beach.

Aside from this, go to the renowned Disney World in Orlando and bring out the inner child in you. Seeing as Memorial Day trips are supposed to be epic, going to Miami could be a fun option as there are several parties you can attend if that’s what you’re after.

Cancun Mexico

Another place to add to the list of places to go during Memorial Day weekend is Cancun, Mexico. This destination is notorious for beaches and nightlife as well as its cultural diversity.

When it comes to Cancun, some things to do Memorial Day weekend are the underwater art museum on Isla Mujeres as well as taking a day trip to Tulum to see the preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico. On the other hand, if your goal is to find solitude on the beach, then you should be visiting Playa Delfines as there isn’t typically much of a crowd there.

Washington DC

If you want to travel to somewhere within the US, then why not head down to Washington DC? In case you’re wondering why you should go there, seeing as the essence of the holiday is to acknowledge those who served the country, the nation’s capital would be a great place to celebrate.

With that being said, DC is likely to have several Memorial Day weekend events that you can attend, and you can also visit monuments in surrounding environs. One example would be the Museum of American National history as well as the Lincoln Memorial.


For those whose idea of an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend is adventure, you should head to Colorado for a few days. One destination that should be enjoyable is the Red Rocks Amphitheater where you can have a picnic, hike, or drive up to the peak of Mount Evans.

If you want to get a more intimate feel of the city, you should engage is exciting activities like spending time at Denver Zoo, going to Denver Art Museum, or visiting the Botanic Gardens. All of these make for fantastic Memorial Day trips.

New Orleans

Memorial Day for many is about fun and festivities, which is what makes New Orleans a great destination too. This is also the perfect location as it’s eclectic and can cater to any type of group whether it be a family trip, couples getaway or friends weekend away. It may also intrigue you to know that the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience typically takes place over Memorial Day weekend giving you another event to look forward to.


Some people want to completely change their environment during Memorial Day weekend and get away from all of the noise. If this sounds like you, then go to Big Bear Lake in California. This picturesque and serene destination has numerous activities during warmer months.

One fun activity that you could get up to is taking the Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat around the lake. You could get a taste of the Maui crab cakes at the renowned Peppercorn Grille!


Arlington, Virginia is another place in which you can celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day. If you do happen to go, visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is the burial site of an American soldier who died in World War I. Aside from this, you can always get active by going hiking, bike riding, or exploring the local cuisines.

Memorial Day only comes around once a year, so make it memorable. Consider some of the destinations above and also research some of your own. Never forget there are several places in the world waiting to be visited by you.

Rental Cars and Tolls: What’s Your Best Option?

If you drive long distances, you’ve doubtless encountered plenty of tolls. How you pay likely depends on just how often you take these trips. If you’re a frequent traveler, you likely have a digital transceiver to automatically charge your account. Otherwise, it’s time to dig out a few coins or dollar bills to pay at the booth – or you can drive through teller-less toll areas and receive a bill later, based on automatic cameras photographing your license plate. All of these options are fine, but which one applies when you’re in a rental car instead of your own ride?

The basic experience

When you rent a car without making special arrangements for tolls, you may end up paying extra fees. There can be administrative charges, for example, when the car’s license plate is scanned by an automatic toll both. If you pay cash, you should be sure to get a receipt of the transaction. Or, if either of those options isn’t appealing, you can just avoid toll roads altogether. Depending on where you’re going, that may not be a realistic possibility.

Added convenience with E-Z Toll

When you purchase the E-Z Toll package, any complexity around paying tolls fades away. For a daily fee, all your toll charges are covered, no matter how many of these charges you encounter. The vehicle’s transponder will take care of making the payment, and the rental agency will take on the cost – it’s as simple as that.

If you know the journey you’re planning is best taken on toll roads, or if you’re not sure whether you’ll encounter tolls in an unfamiliar new area, the E-Z Toll package is a great way to relax and enjoy your trip. When you rent a car with E-Z Rent a Car, navigating toll booths is just as straightforward as in your own car – or even more so, because the cost is flat, no matter how many tolls you encounter.

Best Times to Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is a stunning destination and one that millions of people visit every year. It has so much to offer in terms of aesthetics, activities, as well as culture. With that being said, perhaps you’re planning to visit sometime soon and are curious about the best times to go and visit. Before booking your flights, you will need to decipher the best season for Hawaii so that you are not left disappointed.

Keep reading to find out when to visit Hawaii.


One of the ways that you can determine the best time to visit Hawaii would be by the weather. Many people go to Hawaii hoping to experience warmth and sunshine, so if that’s your aim, you should know when it’s going to be sunny, warm, and the perfect temperature.

The weather in Hawaii isn’t the same all year round despite the fact that it’s a tropical destination. There is a dry season which takes place from April to October and a rainy season from November to March.

From April through to September, rainfall is said to be at its lowest, so if you aren’t looking forward to a wet vacation, consider this the perfect time to visit Hawaii. In the same respect, keep in mind that the hurricane season in the Central Pacific lasts from June 1st to November 3rd.

For moderate weather and less of a crowd, going during spring isn’t a bad idea. Late spring can be dry, pleasant, and less chaotic as the winter crowds would have gone back to regular sizes. 


One of the greatest considerations people will likely have when planning a trip is how much it’s going to cost. For those on a budget and trying to plan an affordable trip, you’re probably trying to decide when to visit Hawaii so that you are not out of pocket. To begin with, you want to avoid peak periods when traveling as tickets will almost always be high seeing as there’s a demand.

Mid-December to Mid-April is said to be the period in which airfares are the highest. However, research shows that if you go to Hawaii during January or February, tickets could be around $175 cheaper than they are during high seasons which can be seen as a significant amount to save.

If you want to travel during this period but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices, try booking far in advance. There are other hacks for traveling cheap during peak seasons such as being flexible about your destination and what airport you land at. Aside from this, look out for deals, promos, and discounts being offered by the travel agents you use.


Sometimes, people prefer to go to a destination when it’s busy and there’s high traffic. If you’re one of those people that feed off of the energy of others, the best time to visit Hawaii is in July. This time of the year, summer vacation is happening, school is out, and people utilize their paid leave from work. December is the second busiest month, so keep that in mind too.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to visit Hawaii during busy periods avoid the mentioned months. Additionally, the last week of April and the first week of May are busy periods as well.


Amongst the many fantastic activities that you can do in Hawaii, one of the best happens to be whale watching. If this is something that you’re looking forward to, then note that humpback whales can be found off the coast of Hawaii between December and May with February being the peak of the season.

Aside from whale watching, you may want to go during a period where there are festivals if you’re keen on experiencing the local culture. They tend to celebrate mainstream holidays such as Christmas, while also holding local agricultural festivals and historical festivities.

In addition to this, during spring you could attend the week-long Aloha Festivals. It is more or less a casual block party with food, music and several Hawaiian traditions. Perfectly relaxing.


If you’re looking for a little bit of everything mentioned above, then the best season for Hawaii would be either May or September. You’ll experience fewer visitors, lower costs, and good weather, so if you’re free during this period, it’s a great time to go.

Visiting Hawaii should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. For this reason, it’s important that you go during a time of the year that best suits your needs and expectations. Hopefully, the above information has given you clarity, and you know the best dates to book your trip for.

Chicago Airports – O’Hare vs. Midway

When you’re traveling, one of the things that you commonly desire is ease. Stress-free travels, however, can seem like an impossible end.

To make travel easier, though, you need to select the correct airport to fly into and from; by not doing so, you run the risk of overcomplicating your trip as you have to travel further afield. You do not want to fly into an airport that is further away from your desired destination.

In Chicago, there are two main airports that people travel in and out of. Both airports have their unique characteristics, but you may be wondering which is best to go through. On that note, below, you’re going to find out whether ORD or MDW is the best airport for you to travel through next time you go on a trip.


One factor to look at when choosing an airport to travel through is how busy it is. Make note that O’Hare is the third busiest airport in the world. This makes it ideal for non-stop international flights as opposed to ones that are local and domestic. On the other hand, Midway is said to be more of a practical option if you want an airport that’s both smaller and less delayed.

However, for long haul flights, O’hare may be a better option as there are more food and drink options to pass the time. There are also a greater number of possibilities for overseas flights meaning you aren’t as limited in that respect too. Whether you choose Ohare or Midway, though, is dependent on where you are flying from, to, and personal preference.


When it comes to transportation in the Midway vs Ohare debate, you can arrive at both via public transport. One of the most affordable as well as somewhat convenient routes would be to take the Chicago Transit Authority’s “L” train to get to either O’hare or Midway airport. The only major difference is that to get to ORD you have to take the blue train, while to get to MDW, you take the orange line.

You should note that shuttles aren’t always reliable and can be overcrowded as well as uncomfortable. The alternative would be to get a private shuttle service or a taxi, but the latter can be expensive, especially when coming from O’hare airport. Just remember that as with any time you choose to travel, arriving early is key, especially after the rush of business travelers takes place. 


As a traveler, another quality you want from an airport is reliability. You probably want to know that your flights will be leaving on time and there will be as few delays as possible throughout your journey. Both airports in Chicago are said to have a combined total of one million flights per year, but Midway apparently has a lower cancellation and flight delay rate than ORD. It is also said to be less overwhelming, so it’s ideal if you don’t want to deal with chaos while you travel.

Access to Downtown

Another factor that you may want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing an airport is how easy it is to navigate. When an airport is hard to get around, it can add to the stress and anxiety that usually tends to accompany you when traveling. Midway is said to have a better ticketing and security process making it easier to navigate your way through the airport. This could be because O’hare is far busier, so as mentioned above, if you’re flying locally, perhaps go with MDW.

Accessibility to Town

If you plan to hit the town as soon as you land, then you should also take the airport you travel through into consideration. It can be both cheaper and faster to travel from Midway by taking the orange “L.” Even if you’d prefer to take the road as opposed to public transport, it’s also faster to travel from Midway. For those who are business travelers or have other reasons to be in the city, in order to get to Downtown Chicago, Midway makes a little more sense as well.


Carrying on with the Ohare or Midway debate, if you’re trying to save then Midway could be better. This is because Southwest Airlines, which happens to be a popular choice if you want low-cost domestic travel, only operates from Midway.

Ultimately, the airport that you choose to travel through depends on your personal needs while traveling. While some people prioritize speed, others care more about access to town. In the same respect, to another, affordability may be the determining factor, so there is no black and white answer to which airport is best. Hopefully, after reading, you know more about each airport and can make a more informed decision next time you decide to travel.

Top 5 Eco Friendly Cars to Rent for Earth Day

For those who are in support of the green movement and want to do their part to make the world a better place, you may be interested to know that Earth Day is fast approaching. On April 22nd, people will be celebrating the anniversary of the Modern Environmental Movement in 1970. One way that you can help mark that monumental day is by adopting eco-friendly practices on that day and beyond.

If you happen to drive and want to do your part in helping reduce pollution, here are to top 5 eco friendly cars to rent for Earth Day.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cars

Not everyone understands what an eco-friendly car is and how exactly it helps the environment. On that note, you should know that it’s more or less a vehicle that emits low carbon compounds when it runs and uses less toxic fuels which usually consist of bio-fuels, ethanol, and biodiesel.

In terms of what they do for the environment, you can expect that they have better gas mileage making them environmentally friendly cars. Hybrid cars especially, cut fuel consumption and conserve energy which is beneficial too. What this comes down to for the driver is lower fuel costs and less maintenance which should, in an ideal world, be every drivers’ dream.

2018 Toyota Prius

One of the first hybrid cars that you could consider renting is the 2018 Toyota Prius. This is a recent car that is both fuel efficient and good for the environment which means you get a lot of value. More specifically, it operates at an estimated fuel economy of 54 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway. Another benefit of this car is that it has a large cargo hold and a number of standard features. However, if you’re in need with something with plenty of rear seat space, this may not be your best bet.

2018 Volkswagen Jetta

If you aren’t too worried about having a fancy car and simply want something that’s affordable, then this would be a good car to rent. There is a spacious trunk as well as a roomy cabin which makes this vehicle, an ideal eco-friendly option for a family. Another appealing quality that this car has is a good acceleration speed which is ideal if you’re on the go. This makes it good for road trips or traveling long distances.

2018 Hyundai Ioniq

For those who have a thing for Hyundais, you should know that they have eco-friendly cars too. This is a perfect model if you aren’t ready to commit to the plug but would like something that is hybrid. How it works is that it relies on both gas and electric power for fuel. This means like most environmentally friendly cars, it can save you money on gas and make the world somewhat greener while in the process. The fuel efficiency rate is said to be better than the Toyota Prius which is an added bonus. You can expect that during the time you’re renting you won’t end up paying exorbitant amounts on fuel.

Another interesting thing about the Ioniq is that the interior of the car is made from eco-friendly materials and there is generous cargo space in the back as well.

2018 Toyota Prius Prime

Similar to the Toyota Prius, you can anticipate outstanding fuel economy as well as great safety scores. These are two features which are important in any car if you want to both save money and be sure that you’re safe as well. This vehicle ranked 11 in compact cars and has a smooth transition between gas and electric power. The only disadvantage is that the acceleration is somewhat languid and the infotainment system could, apparently, be better.

2018 Kia Niro

If you happen to be looking for a sporty SUV, then the 2018 Kia Niro is a choice you may like. Some qualities include that it’s reliable and the cabin is chic as well as spacious enough. The infotainment system is decent in case you were wondering, and you’ll get nearly 50 miles for each gallon you use which is relatively efficient if you compare notes with other cars.

There are so many more eco-friendly rental options that you can choose from on Earth Day, so be open to looking for one that meets your needs. In doing so, you’ll make your community better in your own little way. Hopefully, the above suggestions have given you some practical ideas to try.

Best Vehicles for Camping

Everyone has different interests, especially when it comes to hobbies. While some prefer more upbeat activities, others prefer to do something more relaxing. One of the activities that can give you the best of both worlds is camping. It’s a chance for you to get a taste of both adventure as well as relaxation thanks to the nature around you.

An important aspect of a camping trip is the journey to get there. You also need to take into consideration that you need a reliable vehicle that will get you there in one piece. On that note, here are the best camping vehicles you can take on a camping trip.


To begin with, it may be a great idea to get an SUV when you’re going on a camping trip. You want a vehicle that has more than enough space so you can throw all of your camping gear inside. SUVs tend to fit this description a lot of the time, so here are some you can try renting or buying.

Jeep Wrangler: If you want a reliable and sturdy SUV, then the Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle to try. For the 2016 model in particular, some attractive features that it has include a removable roof, seating for up to five people, as well as durable tires which you’ll need for the long journey.

Land Rover Range: For those on the lookout for a more stylish and current SUV, you may decide to go for the Land Rover Range. This versatile vehicle is capable of giving you a smooth ride the whole way there because of its off-road chops and improved tech.

Ford Expedition: If your camping trip is a family affair or you’re traveling with a large group, why not try getting a 2016 Ford Expedition? This is one of the best vehicles for camping as it has more than enough room to accommodate everyone. It can take up to 130.8 cubic feet of camping luggage which should more than meet your needs.

Eco-Friendly Cars 

These days, it’s all about cars that are eco-friendly. If you don’t already know the benefits of such vehicles, they are great for the environment and ensure you are reducing the amount of pollution in the air. Additionally, environmentally friendly cars can be more economical in terms of fuel consumption which will save you money as well. Below are a few suggestions that you could add to your list.

Toyota Prius Prime: One of the most environmentally friendly cars out there presently is the Toyota Prius. It currently is the only plug-in option for Toyota, making it an attractive option. You can drive up to 25-miles on battery power alone which makes it great in case an emergency arises on the road. You can also expect to save big time on fuel as it has one of the best- combined fuel economies amongst plug-in hybrids.

Nissan Leaf SL: According to AAA, one of the eco-friendliest cars of 2018 was the Nissan Leaf SL. When it comes to camping car rental, this is ideal if you’re traveling with a relatively small group and need something compact that can carry basic items. Seeing as it’s said to be one of the world’s best-selling electric cars, you can expect a high-level of both convenience and comfort.


Besides environmentally friendly cars and SUVs, another viable option for a camping vehicle is a truck. There are tons of great and reliable models out there that can get you to your camping site and back in good shape.

Ford 150: Aside from being great for everyday use, the Ford 150 is another good fit for a camping trip. You can expect to have enough room to bring along your outdoor items, camping essentials and also ensure everyone is comfy enough. In terms of gas mileage, it has one of the best in its line which is equally important as you’ll be driving many miles.

2017 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X: This is another great truck that is capable of meeting your needs when it comes to going on a camping adventure. Some features of this truck are 20 mpg on the highway as well as off-road features like gearing, gas shocks and skid plates. Another added perk is that you can fold up the back seat and sleep in the back if you’d prefer that to a tent.

Getting to the camping trip can be just as much of an adventure as the trip itself. For this reason, it’s crucial that you take a ride that is reliable and capable of getting you there comfortably and safely.





Cheap Road Trip Ideas

Traveling is a freeing experience. Being able to live thrillingly, going from country to country can be incredible and eye-opening. Learning about a different culture, seeing the world’s hidden gems, and connecting with people across the globe all means you can become a newer and better person.

Traveling does not mean you have to leave the country, though. If you’re located in the USA (or visiting), you can go from state to state and witness incredible landmarks and cultures. On that note here are a few cheap road trip ideas that you should try.

Create a Budget

Before going on a road trip, you first need to know what you can afford. Since the theme of this article is looking for a cheap road trip, you’re probably trying to save as much as you can. For this reason, decide how much you can afford to and then use this as the basis for your road trip budget.

Here are some things to include in your budget and ideas regarding how you can save.

Gas: To begin with, one of the most important expenses on a road trip is going to be gas. See if you can find out how much it’s going to cost you, so you know what to expect. To save on gas, try using apps that help you identify the cheapest stations along your route like Waze or GasBuddy. Also, try getting free gas cards online and using cash back rewards and credit cards to help you save.

Accommodation: Another thing to consider on a road trip is accommodation if you won’t be coming back on the same day. Unless you plan on sleeping in the car, think about your accommodation options. For starters, you could decide to go down the traditional route and stay in a hotel. Alternatively, you may choose to find a nearby Airbnb if you want to feel as though you’re in a home away from home.

Food: What’s a good road trip without enough food and refreshments? Don’t forget to budget for these to keep your belly satisfied while you’re on the road. Buy foods that will keep you energized and nourished so that you’re alert while on the road.

Blue Ridge Parkway

One ideal place to go on a road trip would be Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a 469-mile drive which means you have plenty of terrain to cover. This route covers two national parks which include the Shenandoah in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. It may also interest you to know that it happens to be one of the most visited roads that’s controlled by the U.S. National parks System. It’s a chance to see breathtaking mountain views and embrace nature.

California’s Pacific Road Highway

653 miles from Dana Point, this trail has a number of key attractions that you may enjoy. Some include San Luis, Big Sur, Malibu, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the ultimate trail if you want to see some of the best that California has to offer and are into sightseeing. Considering that the trail is quite a number of miles, you could always break it up. 

Route 66

Another destination that should make the cut for cheap road trips is route 66. This would make for the perfect trip as it spans across 2,000 miles between Chicago and the Santa Monica Pier which is located in Southern California. During your drive, you’d be able to see classic places like the Gemini Giant located in Wilmington or the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore.

Upstate New York

If you want to see the side of New York that isn’t populated and the hustle and bustle of city life, take a road trip to upstate New York. You’ll be able to see beautiful scenery from the beautiful East Coast ranging from Albany to Finger Lake. When on this route, some of the best attractions are the Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum as well as the Binghamton Zoo. Watkins Glen State Park is also another great place to consider visiting if want to enjoy some more nature or stop and go on a hike.

Going on a road trip can be so much fun, especially when it’s done with people that you care about. In light of this, don’t let money be the one thing that stands in the way of you getting more experiences under your belt, Instead, try some of the suggested destinations and work with the budget you have.

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