Halloween Vacations

Halloween is a fun and vibrant season that is the perfect excuse to go all out. From the cute and adorable side to the season, to the fear and fright, by taking Halloween vacations, you are sure to enjoy the season through and through. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not the only seasons that are special; with the right planning and right events, your October will be just as fun and full of warm drinks, delicious foods, and plenty of fun for everyone.

Great Halloween Destinations

For great destinations in the US for Halloween, you need to get in deep with the country’s creepy side. With so many towns in the US that are full of history, you won’t have to go far to find a place to make your destination truly spooktacular. For the best Halloween vacations, however, you will definitely want to rent a car. This way, you can enjoy both spooky destinations and thrilling experiences all at once, and really capture the Halloween spirit.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans offers so much more than Mardi Gras. Dig deep into its voodoo backbone and enjoy the thrill and mystery of the deep south. It is consistently considered one of the scariest cities in the US and features haunted hotels, a “Krewe of Boo” parade, and many more fun and thrilling experiences to be had.
New Orleans is the perfect destination for all types of travelers as well and offers many fun family activities that aren’t scary like the Museum Mash, a series of fun activities for families hosted by the Louisiana Children’s Museum. There is also a family-friendly Halloween Spooktacular concert, where you can enjoy music and elaborate costumes.

For adults, stay in one of their haunted hotels, go on a ghost tour, and definitely check out the dark and mysterious bayou and surrounding Plantations. Experience a séance, learn about voodoo, and enjoy the season like you never have before.

Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween isn’t Halloween without witches and witchcraft, which is why one great Halloween vacations aren’t complete without a visit to Salem, Massachusetts. The infamous witch trials of 1692 changed the course of history and the law after 20 women and men were found guilty, with many of them being executed (not, unlike popular belief, by being burned alive).

Today Salem is a town with plenty of great attractions, but within it is an interactive ghost town where you can explore the original Salem and follow along the events of 1962. See the torture chambers, sit through an innovative recreation of one of the trials, and, during October, enjoy all the festive fun they have planned for you.

Expect family-friendly events, ghost tours, trick-or-treating, and more at the Halloween festival as you learn about this spooky time in our history.

Sleepy Hollow, Croton-on-Hudson, New York

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow is a ghost story we all know, so for this Halloween, why not go visit this little town in New York for yourself? You will be able to enjoy a Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze, where the extravagance usually given to Christmas decorations is instead given to Halloween. There are many great events for the season, including haunted house experiences, ghost tours, and more. There is something for everyone and for every age group!

Great Halloween Events

Halloween events can be found everywhere. From cute farms that host a corn maze, pumpkin picking, and delicious treats, to scary events hosted by theme parks, to out-of-this-world haunted houses. Just remember to keep the events you choose age-appropriate for everyone in your group so that they can all enjoy the thrills.

Theme Park Halloween Events

If thrills are what you are after, then look no further than the theme parks you know and love. Expect great costumes, dedicated actors, the thrill of enjoying the top rides you know in the dark, and of course, the mazes. Actors might not be allowed to touch you, but they can scare you, so remember only to bring older children into the mazes.


Busch Gardens, Tampa

Halloween Horror Nights 

Universal Studios, Orlando

Mickey’s Halloween Party

Disney World and Disneyland

Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses and similar events will pop up around where you live, but one of the top haunted houses in the US that you should definitely consider seeing is:

Knotts Scary Farm

Southern California

Expect mazes full of sinister frights, gory costumes, and well-trained actors. From an abandoned carnival full of clowns right out of your nightmares to caverns full of monsters of the deep, Knotts Scary Farm is certainly something else. Not only will there be frights on the ground, but Knotts Scary farm also features aerialists and stuntmen. There is even an interactive zombie maze, where you play laser tag with the ghoulish undead on top of thrill rides, attractions, and scare zones.


Best Rental Cars for Families

Renting a vehicle can feel like a big commitment, even if it just for a few days. You are responsible for this vehicle, after all, and every bump on the road can feel like the end of your deposit. Then there is the fact that far too often families will opt for the smallest, cheapest option to go alongside their road trip or city exploring. Though this is a perfectly acceptable option, it is not always the best.

It is important to know what you need out of a rental car so that you can select the best type for you and your family. An option that might be more expensive up front might end up being cheaper due to better gas mileage, for example. Spending more for a larger vehicle can give you peace of mind and some quiet when you are driving long haul to another city for a day or two.

The best rental cars for families will depend on your family, budget, and needs. This guide will help you discover what option is best for you.

Know Your Family’s Needs

Family rental cars often need to be more practical than flashy, especially if you have more than two kids you need to accommodate. To help you choose the right class, follow these tips:

Know the Distance You Intend to Drive

If you intend to drive both within a city and around a city, or are going to go on a road trip, then gas mileage and drivability are very important. As is legroom. If you are going to be traveling for long periods of time, being comfortable is a must. There are rentals that take a middle ground, so you won’t be forced to choose one or the other.
For rentals that only need to take you through the city, you have a lot more options. Your main priority when driving a vehicle within the city will be comfort, ease of parking, ease of driving, and how well your vehicle can be heated or cooled depending on which season you are visiting.

The Best Rental Cars for Large Families

The best rental vehicles for large families are as follows:

SUV Rentals

  • Spacious cabin
  • A lot of legroom and space for luggage.
  • Seats up to seven adults
  • Lots of luggage space

Full-Size Rentals

  • Five adults
  • Lots of legroom

The Best Rentals for Road Trips

The best rentals for road trips will depend on the number of people traveling with you. If you are a small family of three then you can get away with an economy vehicle that has 30 to 35 miles per gallon and still have enough space to be comfortable.

Otherwise, if you have four or five in your family you will want to choose the Standard class, which offers more room than economy and still lets you benefit from 25 to 36 miles per gallon. This makes it even more economical than the economy vehicle on highways.

Best for Comfort

If comfort is your main and only priority, you have a few options.

  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • Standard
  • Full Size
  • SUV

Premium and luxury offer the best features to go alongside spacious cabins and lots of legroom. They are typically the best to handle and the most comfortable to be in. As they don’t typically have great gas mileage however they are best suited for driving around a city or when you don’t mind the cost of refilling your tank.
Standard vehicles are the most budget-friendly option in this list, next to full-size vehicles. SUVs offer the largest amount of space.

Best for Budget Travelers

The best choice when you are on a budget is to choose:



They are the smallest options, but when it comes to upfront costs you won’t find a better deal and you will end up saving as you use them due to their great gas mileage options.

Choosing the best rental car for your family will depend on the size of your family, how much space you typically need, how long and how far you are driving, as well as your budget. If you want the best experience in a vehicle, then premium or luxury is your best bet. If you want the cheapest ride, then you have economy or compact vehicles.

In-between these two options are the full size, standard, and the intermediate or mid-size. Each has its own benefits, but all will typically hold up to five passengers and are able to store three large suitcases. Choosing the right class to start with will mean getting the right vehicle when it comes time to pick it up, instead of getting your heart set on a specific make or model only to find out it’s in the shop when you get there.

Do You Have to Use Your Car Turning Signal?

We’ve all experienced that dicey moment when a driver pulls out in front of us, without having given any indication of where they’ll be turning. Using your car turning signal is not only a safety function but also one of courtesy. With so many people who refuse to use this precautionary measure, it’s not surprising that many people wonder if indeed it is a legal requirement at all.

If you have a rental car booked this summer, or just want to know where you need to use your turn signal, here’s a breakdown on why you need to use it.

Is it a legal requirement for me to use it?

Yes! Not using your turn signal before moving left or right is illegal. If you’re wondering whether you happen to live in a state where it is not a legal requirement – you are out of luck. All states require drivers to use their turn signals.

The reason for this is that not using it can be incredibly dangerous. Of course, it may be possible to gauge which direction a car is turning thanks to their road position. This technique, however, should only be used as a precautionary measure in the absence of a turn signal. While you may hear many people talk about the good old days when you didn’t need a turn signal, or their friends and family barely used one, this is not an excuse for not obeying turn signal law.

Why is it so important?

Your car turning signal is a measure that could potentially save your life in future circumstances. This is because there are so many drivers on the road, all of which are at varying degrees of experience. Did you know, for example, there are just over 222 million drivers with a license in America? This figure is said to be twice the amount of drivers who were on the roads in the 70s. Moreover, it has been claimed that over half of American drivers are not using their turn signals. This increased volume of drivers makes it so important that you act courteously. This is because it’s not just cars on the road with you. You are also sharing the roads with cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

It’s often said that we only see what we expect to see; this means that it can take a little longer for most people to spot a motorcyclist on the motorway, or a cyclist pulling out of a junction. Indicating gives them time to react to you so that if you do pull out, everyone is that little bit safer. Blind spots also make it that little bit more difficult for drivers to react in time to their surroundings, or spot motorist behind them. A signal could be the life-saving measure that prevents a vehicle from overtaking you as you make a turn.


When you are traveling at speed, your decisions suddenly have much more at stake. Turning on highways without a signal is risky for several reasons:

  • You may not have spotted someone in your blind spot
  • Other drivers need to know your actions before you make them
  • Someone may take the risk and overtake on the assumption that you are not moving
  • There is less time to react when you are traveling at higher speeds

All of these risks are mitigated and reduced when you take the time to use your turn signal. Not only are you keeping yourself safe on the highway, but also other drivers.

Time to think

Try putting it in this perspective: signaling before you move gives you time to think. Checking your mirrors, signaling, and turning gives you a considerably longer space to acknowledge your movements.

The DMV recommends leaving at least 100 feet to make your decision – ensuring you signal in plenty of time for other drivers to react. By just turning as and when you need to, less thought is being put into the maneuver. By thinking about your actions before you make them, you are considering other drivers, and importantly, their lives.

If you are renting a car in another state, and are wondering whether you can take the risk of not using your turning signals – don’t do it. Not only do you risk paying a damage or legal fine, but you could also be putting someone’s life in danger.

It is illegal not to use your turn signals, whichever vehicle you happen to be traveling in. Remember; take the time, turn on your signal and check your mirrors before you move.





Charlotte Airports (CLT vs USA). Which is Better for You?

If you’re flying into North Carolina, you may be looking at the nearby airports to see which one is worth your while to land in. The south has been growing notoriously fast, and North Carolina is no different. Increasingly, American citizens are moving south for both the employment prospects and lower cost of living. The South’s glorious weather and vibrant summers are just the cherry on top of what it has to offer those who come to visit.

Charlotte (Douglas) International Airport

If you’re looking for airports near Charlotte, North Carolina, then Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is your best bet. This airport is certainly a mighty one, as not only is it a public airport, but it also provides a service to the US military.

You’ll find it based over to the west of this region, where it provides flights to over 150 countries and regions. This airport is so busy, that it ranks as the 24th busiest across the globe. You’ll even find some of its military aircraft in the Carolinas Aviation Museum. Thanks to its enormous size, it is also a hub of major transport links to and from the city of Charlotte. It’s also home to plenty of car rental agencies, ensuring that once you land, you can get going to your vacation destination or business trip. If you’re searching for ‘car rental CLT airport’ then look no further. Our partner company, Advantage Rent a Car, has car rentals available from Charlotte Douglas International Airport available all year round, meaning you can get to and from your destination whenever you need to.

Concord Regional Airport

You may have seen this airport pop up in Google’s results if you’re trying to find somewhere near the area of Charlotte. This airport is comparatively tiny in size – in fact you might want to see it as a bonus airport for Charlotte Douglas International. This airport is often used as a supporting airport, as it only has one solitary runway to land on. which is mostly used for public flights. You may find yourself landing into this one if you are unable to land at the international airport.

Piedmont Triad International Airport

As North Carolina’s third-busiest, Piedmont Triad International Airport certainly carries generous portion of North Carolina’s air traffic. However, it’s also a brilliant airport for domestic flights – particularly along America’s East Coast, and the rugged mid-western states. In fact, it carries well over two million passengers every single year. You can almost guarantee most airlines fly from this airport. You’ll find all the usual food outlets, postal serves and other duty free shops.

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport

This local airport is bursting with southern charm, thanks to its small-scale location. They provide a quick check-in service and a comfortable departure lounge to wait for your flight.

While this airport may not be as large as its sister airports, it hosts both private and commercial flights. This is the ideal coastal airport to fly from to larger, international airports.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

This airport stakes its claim as North Carolina’s second-largest airport. It’s not only its physical size that makes it an airport giant, but also the sheer volume of people who pass through it on a daily basis. It was estimated that over 10 million airport passengers journeyed through its vicinity in just one day. Its airline traffic sprawls across the United States and through domestic locations – 40 to be exact.

Albert J. Ellis Airport

Based near Jacksonville and its local Marine Corps base, this is the perfect local airport for those in the nearby area who are in need of a domestic flight. If you’re looking for a hop, skip and a jump to a nearby state and want to grab your bags and go, this airport is incredibly convenient. It acts as a jumping block for both Atlanta and Charlotte’s main international airports, which both provide to countless countries across the globe. This airport also prides itself on its handy parking and useful facilities while you wait for your flight.

North Carolina is home to some of the south’s busiest airports. You can catch a flight to pretty much anywhere across the globe. Even if you find yourself being much closer to some of its more regional, small-scale airports, you can still catch a connecting flight to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. You will also find cheap and easy car rentals from CLT, making your transition from your flight to the highway as seamless as you would want it to be.

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How to Rent a Car if You’re Younger than 25

If you are lucky enough to pass your test at the age of 16, you might feel as if the world is already your oyster. However, when it comes to renting, some car rental agencies have fairly stringent rules on what age drivers can rent a car with them. Therefore, you may be wondering what your chances of renting a car are if you have an upcoming vacation on the horizon.

Not all is lost, however, if you are under 25 – it’s just a matter of understanding why younger drivers are restricted on rentals.

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

Generally speaking, car rental agencies tend to set their minimum age limit at 20, or as is most common, 21 – as this is often considered the theoretical age of adulthood. At E-Z Rent A Car, for example, the minimum age is 21. Interestingly, there are a few exceptions to this rule. New York and Michigan allow you to rent a vehicle at just 18 years old – but you will often find that a charge is applied to drivers at such a young age.

The reason for this is understandable too, as teen drivers (in particular) are most likely to be involved in a car crash collision. The teen bracket is not only the bracket of inexperienced drivers but also those who have very recently passed their test. It’s understandable that many agencies would not want to let young drivers use a rental car for practice.

Let’s be clear, too – in terms of renting under the legal age restriction, underage car rental is also illegal. So, if you are over the age of 21 and are in need of a car rental – you are in luck.

Why is it so hard to rent a car under the age of 25?

As you might suspect, a lot of this comes down to the reputation of young drivers. In fact, statistically-speaking, younger drivers do tend to cause more accidents – which is not a surprise. You will often see statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on car rental websites as a way of explaining their policies. Younger drivers are far less experienced, and perhaps a bit too over-confident, depending on who you talk to. Car rental under 25 is not impossible, but it may come with a few extra fees on top. Choosing a cheaper agency will help mediate this extra charge.

It’s important to know that, just like any other drivers, you will incur a fee for any damages – or indeed a crash. If you are under 25 and are concerned about your chances of renting a car, it’s a good precaution to pay extra attention when driving. If you feel you may live up to the reputation the statistics have given people of your age, then you would be wise to drive carefully.


Generally speaking, you do not need insurance to rent a car under the age of 25 – or indeed at all. This is certainly the case for E-Z Rent A Car. If you have your own driver’s insurance, then this is absolutely fine – but it is not a requirement. While some agencies may prefer that you do have an insurance policy, it is not a legal requirement to drive at this age.

What are the benefits?

The total cost of owning your own car can be pretty pricey. Sometimes renting a car can be a much more cost-effective option, even with the extra charges for being under 25 added on top.

Of course, there’s also the benefit of freedom. Whether you’re a local resident or are renting a car to enjoy a long-awaited vacation, you won’t have to rely on public transport to get you from A to B. So, if you are looking at the extra charges you may incur for being a young driver, it’s worth looking at the broader picture – as it may still be worth your while.

It can be tough being a young driver. You are often lumbered with a cheaper, less road-worthy car than more senior drivers, and you are still learning to become a good driver through experience. All is not lost, though. You can still rent a car after the age of 21 in all states, and the cost of renting one may outweigh the cost of purchasing a new car. By contacting a rental car agency, you may soon find out that you’ll be hitting the open road sooner than you think.





Best Places for Fall Travel

As the last warm days of summer come to an end, swimming pools cease to be the chill-out zones and the long pale evenings draw to a close. However, thanks to the USA’s broad and diverse range of landscapes, the fall brings with it a whole new type of beauty.

In the south, you will find vibrant autumnal leaves covering the slopes of mountains, and in the north, you’ll find romantic park walks and chilly mountain tops. Planning a vacation during the fall is a great idea – particularly as the evenings provide a chance to wrap up warm and sit by the fire.

The Beautiful South

If you’re looking for things to do in the fall, then the south has some of the most iconic scenery. Places like Charleston in South Carolina have towering tree-top canopies, European-style cobbled streets and those movie-worthy mansions that decorate its streets and neighborhoods. Just like its southern sister New Orleans, you’ll find those nostalgic gas lamps lining the streets, as well as some of its centuries-old architecture, making it one of the best fall vacations for couples in the US. It’s also bursting with culture, such as its art galleries, boutiques – not to mention the Spoleto Festival. This arts festival makes use of Charleston’s churches, theaters, and performance spaces to showcase the wealth of talent this state has to offer.

While you’re in the south, you might want to visit the Carolina BalloonFest. Not too far from Charlotte, this is well worth renting a car to drive out and see. This takes place during October in Statesville. There are flights throughout the morning and afternoon, as well as a funfair atmosphere. It’s worth going for some dramatic views of the southern countryside, dotted with rainbow balloons.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Charlotte around the time of Thanksgiving, it’s well worth the day-trip. This fine tradition has been in place since the 1940s, and every year it seems to get bigger than ever. Not only is this an exciting day out spent among towering inflatable cartoons and marching bands, but it’s also a cost-free way to enjoy some entertainment on this national holiday.

Moving Up North

Don’t be fooled: fall travel is still perfectly exciting as you move up into the colder regions. Even Maryland, famous for its summer and springtime seafood seasons, is the perfect vacation spot for fall travelers. In fact, you might be interested to know that its crabs are just as delicious, if not fatter and meatier in the colder months. There are plenty of guesthouses and hotels along the seafront that won’t be plagued by thousands of summer tourists. As you’d expect from Maryland, there are also plenty of galleries, bookstores and cafes dotted along the coastal towns, perfect for enjoying a hot cup of coffee with a sea view.

Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of cities impersonating the German tradition of Oktoberfest – and Philadelphia is no different. Their answer to the beer festival is Bloktoberfest, which celebrates the European festival with plenty of big bands and jugs of beer. Anyone at any age can attend this festival, as it pulls together the community spirit by taking place in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods –18th Street and Broad Street and to be exact. This goes on for the duration of the day, and you will find plenty of food trucks, too, to keep you going.

It wouldn’t be fall without mentioning Halloween – and New York has perhaps some of the most exquisite displays. The Great Jack O Lantern Blaze can be found in Hudson Valley and every year, pumpkin and Halloween enthusiasts turn up to snap pictures of these glowing beasts. Every year you can find over 7,000 of these hauntingly-carved pumpkins, which come together to create bigger, more monstrous sculptures. Be sure to get your tickets well in advance before your vacation – its popularity means that it’s often a sell-out.

Thanks to its desire for all things spooky, its jaw-dropping scenery and passion for the arts, the USA really comes to life during the fall. The lack of sunshine doesn’t mean that the fun comes to a stop. Not only does it use this season to celebrate artisan creators and alternative festivals, but also to make the most of the smaller crowds. Without the hordes of summer vacation travelers, small festivals and events can create a cult following. By renting a car, you can make the most of each state you visit; whether you’re there for the scenery or the food.

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Choosing the Right Rental Car for Your Trip

When you’re scrolling through the potential rental cars for your next trip, you’ll notice they come in many shapes and sizes, from passenger-friendly minivans to maneuverable and efficient two- and four-door compacts. Rather than just picking a car on a whim, or getting stuck on the decision, you should run down a few important details that will point you toward the perfect rental vehicle for you.

Size – big or small?

If you have a lot of passengers to carry – the whole family, a work team – you’ll want a van or sport utility vehicle. That will narrow down your choices, and you’ll likely find it easy to decide from among the bigger vehicles on offer. But what about when you’re traveling alone, or with only one other person? In those cases, a small compact or economy car may be the best option.

The advantages of small cars take a few forms. For instance, if you’re driving in narrow city streets, a compact ride may help you parallel park. You could also save money on fuel on a long journey. Compact and economy rentals tend to lead the pack on miles per gallon, with some achieving rates of 35 MPG.

Style – rugged or luxurious?

Journeys into the wilderness – up mountains, down canyons, through forests and more – are best taken in rugged vehicles, potentially with four-wheel drive or high ground clearance. If such a nature sojourn is in your plans, pick your rental accordingly.

When the roads are smooth and you’re dedicated to having a relaxing trip, you may want to go in a more luxurious direction. Getting a classy car and cruising down the highway can be part of an unforgettable getaway, so it could be time to treat yourself.

No matter the kind of car you need for your next journey, work with a trusted rental partner like EZ Rent A Car.

Things to do in Orlando

Based in the Sunshine State, Orlando is a city in Florida that is bursting with entertainment. Families and solo travelers alike venture to this city to get a taste of silver screen entertainment and to soak up the sun. Florida locals certainly know how to have a good time, and tourists have been making their way to the east coast for decades. If you’re after fun things to do in Orlando, here are a few of the biggest hits for new tourists.

Walt Disney World® Resort

When it comes to things to do in Orlando, Walt Disney World is perhaps one of the most famous. Chances are, if you visit Orlando, many people will ask you if you flew over to visit this resort or Universal Studios specifically. As well as plenty of amusement parks and chances to introduce the little ones to their favorite movie characters, there is plenty of fun for the adults. You can even find refined restaurant food for those who want a fun day out but with a bit of sophistication to wrap up the evening. As well as amusement rides, there are also fully-immersive experiences, such as the opportunity to experience the vibrant blues of the world of Avatar.

The Orlando Eye

Many major international cities have an observation deck of some sort. Being able to view the city from the highest possible point provides you with brilliant photo opportunities to upload onto social media. Orlando has a far more exciting alternative – an observation deck on a Ferris wheel. As well as being able to view Orlando from 360 degrees, you’ll reach heights of 400 feet. Of course, each pod is fitted with air conditioning, so you won’t need to worry about the hot Florida temperatures.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

If theme parks aren’t quite your scene, and you’re worried about what to do in Orlando if you book a trip, then don’t panic! You will find plenty of places to enjoy Florida’s natural scenery, and the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is just one of them. For an American park, this is quite a small one, as it’s only 440 acres. It’s covered in trees, which means it’s ideal for those who are struggling in Florida’s naturally sunny climate. It’s shaded and quiet, with extensive views of Lake Tibet-Butler. While this is quite a modest park, there are still multiple trails – six in fact. There is also wildlife to be seen; so if you’re a wildlife watcher or want to keep kids entertained, remember to pack binoculars.


Did you know that Florida is known for its manatees? While this state’s amusement parks have gained it plenty of notoriety, its wildlife is second-to-none. Blue Spring State Park has perfected the art of preserving these sea wonders in its vivid blue waters. In fact, its streams are popular with those who want to enjoy water sports, which include swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, which is no wonder as the waters often reach 72 degrees. Shortly before this park was created in 1970, there were only 14 manatees located. Thanks to this park’s preservation measures, there are now 485 – a remarkable increase. As well as places to swim and enjoy its natural sights, there are also places to shop, eat and relax, making it an ideal day out for both adults and children.

Lake Eola Park

If you prefer long days out walking beside the water, then Lake Eola Park should provide you with all the peace and quiet you could want. This lake is surrounded by gardens and manicured lawns which are ideal for getting some peace-of-mind, particularly if you’ve spent the week beforehand meeting Mickey Mouse. You can even hire paddleboats to explore the lake off-land. As well as a chance to watch the swans coasting on the lake’s surface, there is also an outdoor amphitheater which is known to be an excellent spot to catch a film.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

If you’re after fun things to do in Orlando, curious kids and adults alike will enjoy this quirky museum. This is a scientific museum with a twist – it showcases over 500 animal skeletons, which is an ideal way to capture kids’ imaginations while walking around its unusual exhibits. It also has plenty of events, which are perfect for birthdays and fun days out.

Orlando is a fun city to visit: it has famous theme parks, beautiful natural reserves, and quirky attractions which will keep the family talking throughout the day. When you visit, be sure to get a healthy dose of everything Orlando has to offer. There’s more to it than you will see onscreen!

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4 Dashboard Lights You Should Never Ignore

There are some drivers that panic at the hint of something wrong with their car. Incessant rattling may just be something stuck in the boot – or it could be something that needs an expensive repair. Meanwhile, many other drivers choose to ignore crucial dashboard warnings. These are much more steadfast alerts to double-check our vehicles and get something fixed. Many of us decide to ignore dashboard warnings, however, perhaps out of avoidance, panic, or anxieties around budget. Whatever your reasons for putting off an investigation, here are the four most serious dashboard lights meanings and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

1. ABS

Your brakes could save not only your life but also someone else’s. Ignoring your brakes could be a life-changing mistake. ABS refers to your anti-lock brake system (ABS), which doesn’t just apply to the anti-lock function. It means that there could be a problem with your brakes or your brake fluid. Here’s where the problems could lie:

  • Your brake pads are wearing thin. This not only means that they are less effective, but this could cause sparking and other serious issues.
  • The sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.
  • Your ABS is no longer working, which means that your car will skid when the brakes are applied, which could see your car traveling long distances as it does so.

2. Red thermometer

The red thermometer is perhaps one of the most innocent looking car dashboard symbols; however, it signifies a significant and potentially dangerous problem. This thermometer means something under the hood is overheating, which is usually as a result of not enough coolant. The reason that this is particularly problematic is because an overheated engine would essentially fuse itself together. The cause of an overheated engine is also usually something that will need to be seen to by a mechanic. A ruptured hose, a blown gasket or maybe even a radiator leak could cause this issue.

Additionally, the cause of an overheated engine is likely to be the result of being too low on coolant. Checking this, though, is not too difficult. All you need to do is pop the hood and check the level markers on the side of the coolant tank. Doing so should tell you whether you need a top-up. Do not hesitate in getting this seen to, as any of the above problems could arise.

3. The red oil can

As you might suspect, this is an indication that your oil is low. However, it means that your oil levels are critically low, not just in need of some attention or that you need an oil change. This is also a sign that your oil temperature is far too hot or that the pressure in your oil tank is too low. If you see this sign, the best move you can do for your vehicle is to take it off the road as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have space to check safely, do the usual oil and coolant checks (to ensure it is safe to drive to a mechanic) under the hood. Even if everything is seemingly fine, safely drive to the nearest fuel station or mechanic to find out what the problem is.

The reason this is such a critical problem to get checked is because the oil in your engine keeps everything lubricated and running smoothly. It improves the circulation of the fuel around your engine, which will stop if you get low, causing the engine to seize. Not finding a solution is also likely to cause damage and an eye-watering expensive repair.

4. Airbag warning light

This light isn’t perhaps as familiar to many as the oil can or thermometer, but it is as obvious and self-explanatory as the ABS symbol: the light depicts a deployed airbag in front of a passenger. While the other lights are relatively instantaneous in terms of the problem that will occur, this issue is preventative. It’s for this reason that you must not simply avoid it and postpone it until later. On top of that, airbag warning lights may not just be indicating a problem with the automate airbag device. They may be signifying a larger problem with your seatbelt, which is also vital for keeping you alive in the event of an accident. If you see this light, you must go and get it checked out; it might not just be your life you are saving.

While these four dashboard lights are some of the most significant warning signs about your vehicle’s condition, any warning light should be investigated. Doing so doesn’t just prevent the cost of expensive repairs; it also saves lives.


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Locked Keys in the Car – What’s Next?

The subject of comedies, dramas, and worst nightmares; locking your keys in your vehicle is perhaps one of the most frustrating ways to begin or end a day. Having to call a family or friend to say “I’ve locked my keys in my car” can be embarrassing, let alone problematic. Not only does this come with the stress of not knowing where to begin or who to call, but it can cause major delays when it comes to simply just getting on with our days. If you ever find yourself accidentally locked out of your car, here are the best approaches to take to save you a headache.Keep calm

The most important thing to do if you have locked keys in the car is to stay calm. Of course, this is important to make your day less stressful but are some practical reasons for doing this. It allows you to keep some questions in mind:

  • Is your spare key accessible? For example, could you feasibly walk, get a cab, or take public transport to the place where you keep it? If you could, it’s a good idea to get to that location as soon as possible so that you can let yourself back into your car. It may be a hassle, but this might be the most cost-effective way to retrieve it.
  • Does anyone in your home have a spare key? Could they help? If your partner, family member or friend also uses your car, they might have a spare key on them. It’s always wise to contact them to find out when they have the nearest possible opportunity to come and unlock your car.

Don’t behave like a criminal

It can be easy to think in plain terms when you see your keys sitting innocently on your car seat: the only way to get to the keys is to force open the door. However, it’s vital that you do not do this. Picking the lock or busting it open with a crowbar is not only damaging to your car, but it will arouse suspicion. Even with a lot of pleading and convincing, passers-by cannot just assume you’re telling the truth. One way to make your day worse is to have a meeting with the police as well as your local garage. When you accidentally lock your keys in your car, keep a level head: do not force entry into your own vehicle.

Call your insurance policy

One crucial step to take before you ring for roadside assistance is to call your insurance policy provider. Calling them to get confirmation on what your policy contains may save you some extra costs. When you’re in a panic, it’s sometimes hard to remember what exactly is in our insurance policies. Don’t assume that the policy you took out probably won’t cover you.

Alternatively, you might already be registered with a national roadside assistance company. Keeping their card on you, in your wallet for example, will make the process of calling them out much easier. If you have already taken up a policy with a company that specializes in this service, then they should be your first port-of-call.

Call a locksmith

Funnily enough, locking yourself out of your vehicle is a bit like locking yourself out of your house. Calling a locksmith is one of the most obvious and useful ways to let yourself back into your vehicle. Locksmiths are trained to access vehicles as well as properties. In fact, if roadside assistance can’t successfully access your vehicle, they will likely contact a locksmith to create a key. If you find yourself short of time and don’t want to go through the process of contacting your insurance company, this is one of the easiest and quickest solutions.

Tow truck service

One of the simplest ways to get yourself out of your sticky situation is to call a tow truck service. These are the most qualified professionals to let you back into your vehicle. It doesn’t really matter where you live or where you’ve parked either. Just double check on your smartphone to find out the nearest towing company that’s local to the area, and you won’t find yourself waiting for long at all.

If you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your car, you are not short of options. Not only will roadside assistance be able to help you, but there are several extra back-up options should you find yourself completely stuck. By calling either local or specialized services, you’ll find yourself back on the road soon enough.