6 Games to Keep You Laughing During Your Road Trip

Games to Keep You Laughing During Your Road Trip

Few experiences are more enjoyable than a fun road trip with family or friends. Not only will a superb destination be awaiting you, but the journey will provide you with an opportunity to chat, laugh and make memories with your loved ones.

If you want to ensure you have a fun time from start to finish on your adventure, check out the following six games that will keep you laughing during a road trip.

Would You Rather?

Whenever the mood takes a dip, lift everyone spirits by playing a fun game of Would You Rather? Every travel buddy will need to take turns answering if they would rather have one thing or another.

Here are some superb Would You Rather questions to ask during a road trip:

  • Would you rather have a pause button or a rewind button on your life?
  • Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
  • Would you rather be Batman or Superman?
  • Would you rather have more time or more money?
  • Would you rather have magnified hearing or x-ray vision?

You are free to make it as weird, silly or as in-depth as you like, which will ensure your road trip buddies are laughing aloud in their seats. It is one of the best road trip games for passing the time.

The Colored Car Game

The colored card game is simple. Both the driver and passengers must select an unusual colored car, such as yellow, purple or mint green. Every time they spot a car in their chosen color, they will receive a point. You could even make the game a little more competitive by allowing passengers to steal points if they notice a road trip buddy’s car color first. It is bound to cause some friendly rivalry as you travel from one destination to the next.

21 Questions

If you are looking for fun road trip games for adults to survive a long journey, look no further than 21 Questions. Every passenger will take turns thinking of either a person, object or place, and the rest of the passengers will have only 21 questions to figure out what they are thinking about. The person who correctly guesses will then start the next round of 21 Questions. It is an ideal way to fill any awkward silences and have a little fun with your road trip buddies.

Don’t Say It!

Test passengers’ memories by playing Don’t Say It. The game requires you to pick five words that all passengers aren’t allowed to say throughout a road trip. For example, you could put their memory to the test by picking common travel words, such as “car,” “hotel” or “look.”

If a passenger says one of the five words to avoid, they can be penalized; for example, they might need to buy the road trip snacks, perform a dare or embark on annoying tasks, such as filling the car with gas.

The Movie Game

If you and your travel buddies class yourselves as movie experts, prove it by playing The Movie Game, which is one of the best car ride games for distracting you all during a long road trip.

One passenger will start the game by mentioning the name of a random actor. Another person will then need to respond with a movie the actor has appeared in. Next, another road trip buddy will need to answer with the name of an actor who also appeared in the film, and so on.

For example, Richard Gere > Pretty Woman > Julia Roberts > The Pelican Brief > Denzel Washington > Training Day, etc.

When someone says the wrong answer, they will be thrown out of the game and you will move onto the next round until you have a winner.

The Bad Film Plot

Another superb game for movie buffs is the Bad Film Plot game. To keep your mind occupied when on the road, one person will be responsible for explaining a plot of a film very badly and everyone else will need to guess the movie. For example, “a boy wakes up to find a giant in his room, runs away with him and lives in an unusual castle”. What is the plot? Harry Potter.

Don’t spend a road trip in silence. Have a little fun with your travel buddies by starting one of the above car ride games. It is bound to turn a dull journey into a memorable adventure.

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