Choosing the Right Rental Car for Your Trip

Choosing the right rental car for your trip

When you’re scrolling through the potential rental cars for your next trip, you’ll notice they come in many shapes and sizes, from passenger-friendly minivans to maneuverable and efficient two- and four-door compacts. Rather than just picking a car on a whim, or getting stuck on the decision, you should run down a few important details that will point you toward the perfect rental vehicle for you.

Size – big or small?

If you have a lot of passengers to carry – the whole family, a work team – you’ll want a van or sport utility vehicle. That will narrow down your choices, and you’ll likely find it easy to decide from among the bigger vehicles on offer. But what about when you’re traveling alone, or with only one other person? In those cases, a small compact or economy car may be the best option.

The advantages of small cars take a few forms. For instance, if you’re driving in narrow city streets, a compact ride may help you parallel park. You could also save money on fuel on a long journey. Compact and economy rentals tend to lead the pack on miles per gallon, with some achieving rates of 35 MPG.

Style – rugged or luxurious?

Journeys into the wilderness – up mountains, down canyons, through forests and more – are best taken in rugged vehicles, potentially with four-wheel drive or high ground clearance. If such a nature sojourn is in your plans, pick your rental accordingly.

When the roads are smooth and you’re dedicated to having a relaxing trip, you may want to go in a more luxurious direction. Getting a classy car and cruising down the highway can be part of an unforgettable getaway, so it could be time to treat yourself.

No matter the kind of car you need for your next journey, work with a trusted rental partner like EZ Rent A Car.