10 fun car rental ideas for your next trip

When you’re exploring a new city, taking a trip into the beautiful countryside or discovering natural wonders, it pays to have a rental car at your command. The rental car can be more than a simple kind of transportation to get you from Point A to Point B during your next excursion, it can be part of the attraction.

Taking a coupe out for a spin on city streets, road tripping in a convertible down long, picturesque highways, piling into a plush SUV to go out on the town – these are some of the top ways to turn your rental car into a fun feature of your next trip. The cost of renting a sporty coupe might not be much more than the price for a more standard car, so it pays to check out your options once you’ve found a trusted car rental provider.

The following are 10 exciting destinations to consider, along with some vehicles that can get you around in style.

1. Venture into Vegas in a deluxe SUV

Las Vegas is a city where a party is always on tap. Seeing the town in a rented SUV means your whole crew can come along – up to seven people can share a full-size or premium sport utility vehicle comfortably. Cruise down the Strip in perfect air-conditioned comfort, even if the temperature outside is creeping toward 100.

2. Cruise around Maui with four-wheel drive

When you leave Maui Kahului Airport, it’s natural to want to explore the astounding natural landscapes or venture down the island’s famous Road to Hana. Why not rent an all-terrain Jeep Wrangler? With four-wheel drive, removable roof and high ground clearance, this kind of rental won’t let you down, even if you choose a rugged path.

3. Discover Cancun in a luxury ride

Cancun is a city whose name has become shorthand for fun and exciting trips. You can take your enjoyment of this Mexican metropolis to the next level when you spend your time in a luxurious rental car. You can choose a two-door or four-door ride based on how many friends you’ve brought along.

4. Chart your course up the Pacific Coast Highway

After landing in Los Angeles and picking up a reserved rental car, you can point your front bumper north and venture up the PCH. Why not spend a whole week and go all the way to Sacramento, taking your time? A mid-sized SUV or sedan will get you there smoothly and safely but if you’re just a party of one or two, indulge in a convertible coupe where you can roll the top down and enjoy in the Pacific breeze and sunshine with every mile.

5. See the redwood forests of the Northwest

A standard or medium SUV may be just the right vehicle for a trip into the scenic forests around Seattle. Washington State has more than its share of green, breathtaking vistas, and your rental car will take you right into the heart of nature. If the whole family is going, a minivan seating seven will ensure everyone is comfortable.

6. Take a spin around Orlando

Theme parks! Country clubs! Nightlife! No matter what’s brought you to Florida, a compact rental car can get you around the Sunshine State. Open a window and let the breeze in or turn up the AC as you discover all Orlando has to offer under year-round sunny skies. Orlando is also an ideal destination for family fun, another option may be to opt for a luxe minivan where everyone will be comfortable with plenty of room for passengers, luggage, and gear.

7. Go from city to countryside in Philadelphia

After a day of seeing historical landmarks and beloved museums in Philadelphia, you can extend your Pennsylvania trip by taking a jaunt into the brilliantly green farmlands just beyond the city limits. A reliable full-size sedan will get you where you’re going on urban or rural streets, delivering great gas mileage and a smooth ride the whole way.

8. Climb the hills of San Francisco

City driving can be tricky – SUVs may find curbside parking spaces too small for comfort, for instance. So when you’re discovering all there is to see in San Francisco, you can make things easy on yourself by renting a compact or economy car. Great gas mileage and extra maneuverability make these cars a top option for your California adventure.

9. Trek across Alaska in a Jeep

Picking up a rental Jeep or other four-wheel-drive SUV is a great way to get your Alaskan voyage off to an ideal start. As your rugged SUV holds tight to the roads, you’ll be able to venture into the majestic natural landscapes without worrying whether you have the right vehicle for the trip.

10. See all sides of Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria, communities in U.S. territory have worked hard to bring the island back to life as a top tourist destination. You can explore Puerto Rico for yourself in a rented car – a compact or sedan if you’re bound for the city, or a pickup or Jeep if you plan to head into the countryside.

There are as many fun trip ideas as there are exciting destinations – these 10 are just the beginning. Wherever you go, a rental car can add to your experience.