Things to do in Orlando

Things to do in Orlando

Based in the Sunshine State, Orlando is a city in Florida that is bursting with entertainment. Families and solo travelers alike venture to this city to get a taste of silver screen entertainment and to soak up the sun. Florida locals certainly know how to have a good time, and tourists have been making their way to the east coast for decades. If you’re after fun things to do in Orlando, here are a few of the biggest hits for new tourists.

Walt Disney World® Resort

When it comes to things to do in Orlando, Walt Disney World is perhaps one of the most famous. Chances are, if you visit Orlando, many people will ask you if you flew over to visit this resort or Universal Studios specifically. As well as plenty of amusement parks and chances to introduce the little ones to their favorite movie characters, there is plenty of fun for the adults. You can even find refined restaurant food for those who want a fun day out but with a bit of sophistication to wrap up the evening. As well as amusement rides, there are also fully-immersive experiences, such as the opportunity to experience the vibrant blues of the world of Avatar.

The Orlando Eye

Many major international cities have an observation deck of some sort. Being able to view the city from the highest possible point provides you with brilliant photo opportunities to upload onto social media. Orlando has a far more exciting alternative – an observation deck on a Ferris wheel. As well as being able to view Orlando from 360 degrees, you’ll reach heights of 400 feet. Of course, each pod is fitted with air conditioning, so you won’t need to worry about the hot Florida temperatures.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

If theme parks aren’t quite your scene, and you’re worried about what to do in Orlando if you book a trip, then don’t panic! You will find plenty of places to enjoy Florida’s natural scenery, and the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is just one of them. For an American park, this is quite a small one, as it’s only 440 acres. It’s covered in trees, which means it’s ideal for those who are struggling in Florida’s naturally sunny climate. It’s shaded and quiet, with extensive views of Lake Tibet-Butler. While this is quite a modest park, there are still multiple trails – six in fact. There is also wildlife to be seen; so if you’re a wildlife watcher or want to keep kids entertained, remember to pack binoculars.


Did you know that Florida is known for its manatees? While this state’s amusement parks have gained it plenty of notoriety, its wildlife is second-to-none. Blue Spring State Park has perfected the art of preserving these sea wonders in its vivid blue waters. In fact, its streams are popular with those who want to enjoy water sports, which include swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, which is no wonder as the waters often reach 72 degrees. Shortly before this park was created in 1970, there were only 14 manatees located. Thanks to this park’s preservation measures, there are now 485 – a remarkable increase. As well as places to swim and enjoy its natural sights, there are also places to shop, eat and relax, making it an ideal day out for both adults and children.

Lake Eola Park

If you prefer long days out walking beside the water, then Lake Eola Park should provide you with all the peace and quiet you could want. This lake is surrounded by gardens and manicured lawns which are ideal for getting some peace-of-mind, particularly if you’ve spent the week beforehand meeting Mickey Mouse. You can even hire paddleboats to explore the lake off-land. As well as a chance to watch the swans coasting on the lake’s surface, there is also an outdoor amphitheater which is known to be an excellent spot to catch a film.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

If you’re after fun things to do in Orlando, curious kids and adults alike will enjoy this quirky museum. This is a scientific museum with a twist – it showcases over 500 animal skeletons, which is an ideal way to capture kids’ imaginations while walking around its unusual exhibits. It also has plenty of events, which are perfect for birthdays and fun days out.

Orlando is a fun city to visit: it has famous theme parks, beautiful natural reserves, and quirky attractions which will keep the family talking throughout the day. When you visit, be sure to get a healthy dose of everything Orlando has to offer. There’s more to it than you will see onscreen!

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