Top Memorial Day Trips

Top Memorial Day Trips

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and many people are thinking about how they’re going to spend the weekend. Seeing as it only comes around once a year, it’s crucial that you plan ahead and explore what your options are. During this period, many get a break from work and as a result, would like to take a trip away. How far you can go often depends on your budget, so think about places you can go nationally as well as internationally. To give you some inspiration, here are top Memorial Day trips that you could consider taking this year.


Consider going to the sunshine state if you want to spend your Memorial Day weekend in the sun. Florida is relatively warm all year round, so you can anticipate a bright and vibrant weekend.

In terms of things you can do in Florida, one of the primary attractions are the beaches. Some of the most appealing beaches are Miami Beach, South Beach, and Clearwater beach.

Aside from this, go to the renowned Disney World in Orlando and bring out the inner child in you. Seeing as Memorial Day trips are supposed to be epic, going to Miami could be a fun option as there are several parties you can attend if that’s what you’re after.

Cancun Mexico

Another place to add to the list of places to go during Memorial Day weekend is Cancun, Mexico. This destination is notorious for beaches and nightlife as well as its cultural diversity.

When it comes to Cancun, some things to do Memorial Day weekend are the underwater art museum on Isla Mujeres as well as taking a day trip to Tulum to see the preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico. On the other hand, if your goal is to find solitude on the beach, then you should be visiting Playa Delfines as there isn’t typically much of a crowd there.

Washington DC

If you want to travel to somewhere within the US, then why not head down to Washington DC? In case you’re wondering why you should go there, seeing as the essence of the holiday is to acknowledge those who served the country, the nation’s capital would be a great place to celebrate.

With that being said, DC is likely to have several Memorial Day weekend events that you can attend, and you can also visit monuments in surrounding environs. One example would be the Museum of American National history as well as the Lincoln Memorial.


For those whose idea of an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend is adventure, you should head to Colorado for a few days. One destination that should be enjoyable is the Red Rocks Amphitheater where you can have a picnic, hike, or drive up to the peak of Mount Evans.

If you want to get a more intimate feel of the city, you should engage is exciting activities like spending time at Denver Zoo, going to Denver Art Museum, or visiting the Botanic Gardens. All of these make for fantastic Memorial Day trips.

New Orleans

Memorial Day for many is about fun and festivities, which is what makes New Orleans a great destination too. This is also the perfect location as it’s eclectic and can cater to any type of group whether it be a family trip, couples getaway or friends weekend away. It may also intrigue you to know that the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience typically takes place over Memorial Day weekend giving you another event to look forward to.


Some people want to completely change their environment during Memorial Day weekend and get away from all of the noise. If this sounds like you, then go to Big Bear Lake in California. This picturesque and serene destination has numerous activities during warmer months.

One fun activity that you could get up to is taking the Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat around the lake. You could get a taste of the Maui crab cakes at the renowned Peppercorn Grille!


Arlington, Virginia is another place in which you can celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day. If you do happen to go, visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is the burial site of an American soldier who died in World War I. Aside from this, you can always get active by going hiking, bike riding, or exploring the local cuisines.

Memorial Day only comes around once a year, so make it memorable. Consider some of the destinations above and also research some of your own. Never forget there are several places in the world waiting to be visited by you.

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