Use Bitcoin to Pay for Your Rental Car

Why You Should Use Bitcoin to Pay for Your Rental Car

When it comes to enjoying life, one of the greatest things that people aspire to do is more traveling. Whether you dream of jetting off to the far-flung corners of the globe or exploring your own country, travel extends your horizons and opens countless opportunities to experience new cultures and landscapes. Exploring a new part of the world can be made easier if you know that the necessities for your trip are in safe hands, and aren’t going to cause you any additional costs or issues on your trip.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency makes the perfect travel companion, and using bitcoin for rental cars makes sense, and is certainly worth considering for your next trip. Here’s why:

Low Transaction Fees

Banking fees are a bane for most consumers. They can be an unwelcome and unforeseen addition to costs of any trip, which could compromise your plans if it is a particularly heavy lump sum. You may not realize the additional costs that will be applied before it is too late and you have to pay the fees. Whether you get charged by banks for using a non-networked ATM or incur fees on your credit card, it always seems unfair to have to pay money to access your funds. Use bitcoin to pay for rental cars, and avoid these excessive charges and keep your car rental costs to a set price without any hidden extras.

More Secure

Each time you give your payment information to a merchant, you are at risk of experiencing fraud – either intentionally or unintentionally. Bitcoin allows you to make a payment without the fear that your details will be used maliciously and removes the need to carry large amounts of cash during your trip. It can be easy to relax while traveling and be caught out by fraudsters. This problem can be eradicated through some thought and preparation. Having a more secure payment method takes the weight off your shoulders in terms of a stress- free trip. Being aware of your finances and taking control will mean you can enjoy your vacation, safe in the knowledge you will not fall prey to any unforeseen financial stresses or worries.


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer experience: you opt to pay for something, and the transaction is seamless. There will not be an interruption to the transaction as there are no third parties involved with the processing the payment. Have you experienced your credit card being frozen due to your bank’s algorithms identifying that a transaction is suspicious? Bitcoin allows the transaction to be instant, seamless and guaranteed – no more waiting for authorization! This is particularly helpful when traveling. You will often be on the move, and may often be in a rush and working to timings. In such a situation, one aspect you want to be able to rely on is your finances, with the hope of encountering no additional problems. These could be time-costly to your trip and may see you miss out on opportunities.

Mobile and Flexible Payment

Nowadays, the beauty of flexibility and accessibility has made traveling a much easier experience. This applies to all aspects of the trip, including your finances. No matter where you are, if you have internet access, you can make a payment and reserve the car that you need, when you need it. While other online payment options offer this benefit, you don’t need to input any personal financial information to make the rental car reservation.

Customer Friendly

As people are embracing new technologies to give them more choices in their lives, it makes sense that we embrace the innovations to support your preferences. We are led by our customers, and by utilizing bitcoin, we are able to give you the power to choose exactly where you make your payments from. It suits the customer, and it suits the lifestyle you are leading. You may not have access to traditional funds but need to hire a car as an emergency, in which case bitcoin can be used to finance your needs.
Bitcoins are a new and innovative way to store funds, and they provide you with a cost-effective, flexible and secure way of making transactions. Fed up with the bottlenecks of traditional payment methods? Using bitcoin ensures that your funds are transferred instantaneously so that your car is reserved for you straight away. We love the travel potential of bitcoin, but what have your travel experiences been like using it? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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