Diesel Rental Car FAQs

What diesel cars are available for rent?

E-Z Rent A Car is currently offers 4 diesel vehicles, each in separate car classes. The compact diesel class (CCAD) features the Volkswagen Golf, the intermediate/midsize diesel class (ICAD) features the Volkswagen Jetta, the full-size diesel class (FCAD) features the Volkswagen Passat, and the premium diesel class (PCAD) features the Audi A3.

Diesel is more expensive and regular gasoline. Why would I rent a diesel?

While it is true that the average cost for diesel is 11.8% higher than regular gasoline, diesel engines are more fuel efficient than regular gasoline engines, delivering up to 25% more mileage for your dollar. Diesel engines can even deliver as much as or more fuel economy than hybrid engines.

Is there any difference between renting a diesel and a regular gasoline engine?

There isn’t a noticeable performance difference between regular gasoline and diesel vehicles.
Diesel vehicles may feel stronger as fewer gear changes are required, depending on the drivers.