Rental Car Pricing fees

How do I use an Promo Code to Rent a Car?

Search the list of current Promo Codes and find one that applies to your rental. Click on the text for that Promo Code. Read over the details of the Promo Code to ensure that your rental will apply. If so, click on the Make A Reservation button and begin completing your itinerary. The coupon code for the Promo Code you have chosen will be automatically filled into the correct field on Step 4 of the Make a Reservation process. Once you click the “Confirm Now,” button to complete the reservation process, the terms of the Promo Code will be validated against your reservation. If the Promo Code passes all validations, you will be given a confirmation number with your Promo Code already applied. Otherwise, you will be notified that your coupon did not pass the validation. Search for a rental car now.

What credit cards do you accept?

American Express, Carte Blanche, Diner’s Club International, Discover, MasterCard, Optima, and Visa are accepted. Search for a rental car now.

How do I add an additional driver to my rental car? Is there a fee?

You can request an additional driver be added to your rental at the time of pickup with your rental agent. The additional driver must be present and qualify in the same manner as the primary driver. Additional driver charges may vary upon location. The fee may not be waived unless the renter is disabled and accompanied by an authorized driver.

Is a deposit required when I rent a car with E-Z?

All renters are subject to a $200 deposit/authorization regardless of payment method. The deposit will be placed on the same card that is used to pay for the rental.

How do I find the price of a rental car for my upcoming booked trip?

Visit our Car Rental Reservations page, enter your itinerary information including your pickup and return location and dates and times. Press Search and the pricing, including all required taxes and fees, will be shown for the various car classes that are available for your search.

Do you offer a toll package with your rental cars?

We do! You can add E-Z Toll to the rental when you arrive at the counter. For a daily fee, which varies by location, E-Z Toll will allow you to drive through unlimited tolls and waive all administrative fees. Please check with the counter-agent for the specific fee at your rental location. Without E-Z Toll, you would be charged for each unpaid or automated toll you drive through, and you could be charged an administrative fee of $15/day with up to a maximum of $90 charged for the length of the contract for each of those tolls. Please note we would not charge you for those tolls until after the Toll authority sends us the invoices. If you decide not to buy E-Z Toll, please remember to turn off the car’s toll transponder before you drive through a toll booth. Depending on your location, there may be toll roads that do not provide the option to pay with cash or credit/debit cards. Purchase of E-Z Toll or administrative tolling fees can be avoided staying off of toll roads, using a personal transponder, or by making direct-pay arrangements with the toll-authority, where allowed.