Choosing the Right Rental Car for Your Trip

When you’re scrolling through the potential rental cars for your next trip, you’ll notice they come in many shapes and sizes, from passenger-friendly minivans to maneuverable and efficient two- and four-door compacts. Rather than just picking a car on a whim, or getting stuck on the decision, you should run down a few important details that will point you toward the perfect rental vehicle for you.

Size – big or small?

If you have a lot of passengers to carry – the whole family, a work team – you’ll want a van or sport utility vehicle. That will narrow down your choices, and you’ll likely find it easy to decide from among the bigger vehicles on offer. But what about when you’re traveling alone, or with only one other person? In those cases, a small compact or economy car may be the best option.

The advantages of small cars take a few forms. For instance, if you’re driving in narrow city streets, a compact ride may help you parallel park. You could also save money on fuel on a long journey. Compact and economy rentals tend to lead the pack on miles per gallon, with some achieving rates of 35 MPG.

Style – rugged or luxurious?

Journeys into the wilderness – up mountains, down canyons, through forests and more – are best taken in rugged vehicles, potentially with four-wheel drive or high ground clearance. If such a nature sojourn is in your plans, pick your rental accordingly.

When the roads are smooth and you’re dedicated to having a relaxing trip, you may want to go in a more luxurious direction. Getting a classy car and cruising down the highway can be part of an unforgettable getaway, so it could be time to treat yourself.

No matter the kind of car you need for your next journey, work with a trusted rental partner like EZ Rent A Car.

How to Install A Car Seat

Taking a vacation should be fun and carefree. Relaxing and enjoying your trip depends on ensuring that your kids are safe and secure. In the case of younger children, this means using the correct size and type of car seat, and installing it properly – here are a few tips to remember!

Make Sure You Have the Right Seat for Your Child

When you’re selecting a car seat, you have a few options regarding its type. Each is best suited to a specific age and size range, and you should move up to the next step once your little one grows too big for the old seat, according to its weight limit. Infant-only seats for the littlest kids are then replaced by rear-facing seats. Next up are the front-facing models, then booster seats that help children sit up taller.

Pick the Right Place in the Car for the Seat

When you’re choosing where to place a car seat, you should consult your owner’s manual. Each seat is only suited to specific places in the car – for example, the front passenger seat or middle rear seat might not be a safe place to put your car seat.

Secure the Car Seat in Place

Car seats are secured in place by either seat belts or lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH). Safe Kids offers the important reminder that you should use one of these methods or the other, not both. You’re looking for the snuggest fit possible. It’s also good to remember that top tethers apply whether you’re using a seat belt or LATCH as the lower anchor.

Do the Inch Test

After installing the car seat, try to pull it backward and forward and side to side at the seat belt path. If it moves more than an inch, that’s a sign that the seat isn’t installed tightly enough.

Proper car seat use is important for your peace of mind on your next road trip – and when you’re back home driving in your own neighborhood, too!


Rental Cars and Tolls: What’s Your Best Option?

If you drive long distances, you’ve doubtless encountered plenty of tolls. How you pay likely depends on just how often you take these trips. If you’re a frequent traveler, you likely have a digital transceiver to automatically charge your account. Otherwise, it’s time to dig out a few coins or dollar bills to pay at the booth – or you can drive through teller-less toll areas and receive a bill later, based on automatic cameras photographing your license plate. All of these options are fine, but which one applies when you’re in a rental car instead of your own ride?

The basic experience

When you rent a car without making special arrangements for tolls, you may end up paying extra fees. There can be administrative charges, for example, when the car’s license plate is scanned by an automatic toll both. If you pay cash, you should be sure to get a receipt of the transaction. Or, if either of those options isn’t appealing, you can just avoid toll roads altogether. Depending on where you’re going, that may not be a realistic possibility.

Added convenience with E-Z Toll

When you purchase the E-Z Toll package, any complexity around paying tolls fades away. For a daily fee, all your toll charges are covered, no matter how many of these charges you encounter. The vehicle’s transponder will take care of making the payment, and the rental agency will take on the cost – it’s as simple as that.

If you know the journey you’re planning is best taken on toll roads, or if you’re not sure whether you’ll encounter tolls in an unfamiliar new area, the E-Z Toll package is a great way to relax and enjoy your trip. When you rent a car with E-Z Rent a Car, navigating toll booths is just as straightforward as in your own car – or even more so, because the cost is flat, no matter how many tolls you encounter.

Bitcoin Car Rentals: A Whole New Way to Pay

Cryptocurrencies are one of the more exciting tech ideas to spring up in recent years. The promise of these payment methods – that they can represent a secure yet convenient alternative to standard currencies – shows their great potential.

Currencies such as bitcoin have begun to make the transition from intriguing concept to practical part of everyday life, with an increasing selection of companies across all industries accepting bitcoin payments in place of cash or credit. In fact, CNBC noted in 2018 that businesses such as restaurants, online stores and even apartment rental platforms have taken to using cryptocurrencies.

What does this mean for your next road trip? If you book your rental with the right provider, you can pay in bitcoin, ensuring a fast and secure transaction, free of extra fees, complications or the need to carry too much cash. Stepping into the future with a bitcoin car rental is an exciting way to add cryptocurrency to more aspects of your life, while making an everyday transaction easy and secure.

Cut down on your cash use

If your normal way of paying for a car rental involves using cash, you may benefit from switching to crypto right away. While cash is the simplest way to pay for everyday things, it’s not necessarily the safest or most convenient. When you choose to use cash, you’re carrying large sums of money in your pocket – which can be nerve-wracking during travel. Losing your wallet becomes an especially serious problem when it’s stocked with bills. Furthermore, if you want to purchase extra coverage or find out you have the wrong amount of money on you, you’ll have to head to an ATM and potentially pay a fee if the machine isn’t in your bank’s network.

Traveling around the world should be fun, right? Enjoying your vacation is much harder when you’re wondering where your cash is at all times. Bitcoin car rentals are a great solution to this dilemma. Leave the cash for a car rental home, and instead pay using a cryptocurrency app. Mobile payments via bitcoin are accomplished immediately and securely, transferring the funds from peer to peer.

A more direct digital experience

Bitcoin isn’t just a replacement for cash, it’s also superior in some ways to using debit or credit through the web. The advantage comes from improved security: You don’t have to enter personally identifiable information to secure a bitcoin car rental. Inputting your data, especially when your mobile device is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, is a potential data security risk. Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that power it have been designed for safe and anonymous transactions, carried out without the data entry steps that characterize traditional digital shopping.

The peer-to-peer nature of bitcoin payments, in contrast to credit or debit card use, helps ensure transactions go through smoothly. When you’re far away from home, stepping off a flight in a new city and ready to pick up your rental car, a bank may detect a credit transaction in a new location and freeze your account. This could put your plans on hold while you make an inconvenient call to convince the credit provider you’re really you. A quick, peer-to-peer bitcoin transfer just goes through instantly. The payment is made and you’re ready to drive.

Drive into the future

Tech innovations are at their best when they give people more options and allow them to feel safer and less concerned. This is why bitcoin car rentals are a revolutionary idea. There is a convenience and customer friendliness to paying this way that legacy payment methods can’t offer. Over a long trip, the advantages add up. Leaving home with less cash is a plus. Not having to enter personal information over unknown Wi-Fi networks is another. Ensuring payments go through instantly and without added-on fees is yet another.

No matter how far you go on your vacation, whether you’re venturing to a new country for the first time or using a rental car to get acquainted with the back roads and byways of your own home state, peace of mind is the best traveling companion you could ask for. Wondering about incurring ATM or credit card fees isn’t fun. Being concerned that someone could have stolen your personal information on unsecured Wi-Fi is stressful. Getting turned down for a transaction because your account has been frozen is definitely worrisome.

You can put the fun back in travel with bitcoin. If you’ve already ventured into the world of cryptocurrency, you may have experienced the exciting convenience of using this new payment method to make everyday purchases differently. Companies that offer this new way to pay are looking out for you, letting you make practical use of your cryptocurrency. This support among businesses is what will let bitcoin take off and become a convenient part of everyday life.

At E-Z Rent-A-Car, we stick to practices and policies that will be convenient for our customers. Our use of bitcoin follows this philosophy.

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