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Car Rental Philadelphia Airport

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About Philadelphia, PA

Taking a weekend – or longer – to explore Philadelphia and the surrounding area can lead to any number of fun experiences. Whether you’re touring one of the countless historic landmarks in the city, devouring a cheesesteak or driving into the Pennsylvania countryside, you’re sure to enjoy your trip. Philadelphia is a major Eastern city, but there’s nothing intimidating about it; it’s as easy to explore as a small town.

See the City

When you’re in Philadelphia, you’re never far from a significant site in U.S. history. The city’s role as an early capital of the republic means numerous pivotal events took place there. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia is the place where America as we know it took shape. Why not visit Independence Hall, the building where the architects of the country laid down both of those hallowed documents? The whole district around Independence Hall is packed with places to see and things to do, including museums, landmarks and attractions that combine the two.

No one can live entirely in the past, so once you’re done museum-hopping, it’s time for food, drink and nightlife. Philly delivers on all three counts, but any culinary journey into the city begins with the mighty cheesesteak. The local steak-and-cheese delicacy has been served since 1930 and today is available from numerous vendors, each offering a unique take – from fast street food to gourmet versions.

In the warmer months, beer gardens may be the perfect afternoon or evening hangout. Perhaps sensing that there’s no better way to pass a summer day than enjoying a pint in the shade, Philly’s restaurant owners have opened beer gardens by the dozen. The strip of harbor beside the Delaware river is a particularly likely place to find open-air dining options, combining water views with great brews.

Enjoy the Region

When you have a car handy and a few extra days near Philly, why not head north to see the beautiful green pastures of Lehigh Valley? The area’s wide-open spaces are inviting to hikers, bikers and general outdoor enthusiasts. In the winter, ski and snowboarding slopes provide extra excitement. You can even kayak down the rivers that crisscross the valley.

If you’re planning on exploring the countryside but are still hungry for more Revolutionary War history, you can set course for Montgomery County, site of Valley Forge. This location where George Washington’s army once stayed is now a national park designed to give visitors a sense of the country in the 1770s.

Whenever you’re ready, Philadelphia and the surrounding towns are there to be discovered.

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