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About Antigua

Rent A Car – See All Of Antigua

A vacation to Antigua and Barbuda may start at the world-famous beaches, but there’s plenty else to see on these enchanting Caribbean islands, part of the Leeward Islands. Whether you’re there for one of the special events on the local calendar – Sailing Week, Carnival, the Boat Show or more – or just enjoying some well-earned relaxation, Antigua and Barbuda will draw you in.

See Antigua

With world-class beaches all over the island of Antigua, you can cross a few afternoons off your schedule right away; sitting by the surf, sailing and snorkeling are all great ways to pass time. The clear water offers a good look at the creatures below the waves, making Antigua perfect for glass-bottomed boat tours. Once the sun sets, you can head into town for dinner or have a seaside meal at a beachfront eatery.

Bars and restaurants dot the landscape on Antigua, and you’re sure to find a place with entertainment and cuisine that suit your tastes. With the ocean on all sides, it’s not surprising that island cuisine centers around local seafood. Fresh and salted fish are parts of the Antiguan menu, along with curried goat.

When you’ve had a filling lunch and want to spend a day away from the beach, you can delve into the history of Antigua at English Harbor. The dockyard is maintained in a state that evokes its 1700s heyday, when the island was a base for British sailors. You can tour Clarence House, a manor King William IV lived in before he ascended the throne, or explore the ruined fort at Shirley Heights.

You can also spend a day walking the streets of St. John, the largest city in the islands. The area is named for St. John’s Cathedral, the iconic building erected in 1845 after an earthquake leveled an earlier version. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, located in the city, contains artifacts from the colonial era and the Arawak people who predate the English arrival.

Enjoy Barbuda

The tiny island of Barbuda shares a government with Antigua and has become a place for fun and leisure. Several luxurious resorts are on the island, which is a 20-minute flight or three-hour boat ride from Antigua. Visitors can fish, play golf, or see the flocks of frigate birds in the local sanctuary.

Whether spending a carefree day on the pink- and white-sand beaches of Barbuda or exploring the history of Antigua in English Harbor, there’s lots to do and plenty to see on these Caribbean gems.

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  • Located in terminal at V.C.Bird International Airport. Proceed to the Best Bargain Car Rental counter.

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