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About Saint Maarten

Saint Martin and Saint Maarten, the two countries that exist on the same small Caribbean island, work together to be a haven for visitors from around the world. The island’s attractions spent late 2017 re-opening after the destructive Hurricane Irma, and now, whichever side of the island you begin your voyage on, you’re sure to find many relaxing ways to spend your days.

When you enter the island through Grand Case L’Esperance Airport, you’re on the north side, a former French colony. You can spend your trip exploring the sights and sounds of this half of the island or move freely into and out of the Dutch half to the south. Due to the 1648 treaty that set the relationship between the nations, people and goods can pass through without encountering customs or a hard border.

See the North Side

Marigot, the capital of French St. Martin, is home to a number of districts that make shopping, dining or just strolling into pleasurable ways to spend days. The island nation is a duty-free zone, and European fashion brands have made the French side of the island into a home away from home. If you’d rather see historic architecture than haute couture, you can walk Rue de la République, where the buildings have stood since the 19th century.

Walking from one part of the city to another is a breeze, and a relatively recent addition to Marigot is a scenic promenade that leads from the marina to the historic cemetery and runs through the bustling and beloved Creole marketplace. Mounted above the bay is Fort Louis, a remnant from the French colonial period, specifically 1789. An old prison goes along with the fort, though it hasn’t held prisoners since 1968. It became the headquarters of the Saint Martin Fire Department.

If you’d like to spend a day in the sunshine, you can stop at the beach or Loterie Farm. The farm contains places to experience local flora and fauna and a cutting-edge swimming area.

Explore the South Side

There’s nothing keeping you on one side of the island or another. When you venture onto the Dutch half, you can take in the sights and sounds of Philipsburg, with its historical buildings and thriving nightlife. From colonial forts and museums to a shopping and dining district that stretches down to the harbor, a separate cultural experience awaits to the south of Marigot.

Wherever your trip to St. Martin starts or ends, you’re sure to find exciting experiences for the duration of your stay.

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