Charlotte Airports (CLT vs USA). Which is Better for You?

Charlotte Airports (CLT vs USA)

If you’re flying into North Carolina, you may be looking at the nearby airports to see which one is worth your while to land in. The south has been growing notoriously fast, and North Carolina is no different. Increasingly, American citizens are moving south for both the employment prospects and lower cost of living. The South’s glorious weather and vibrant summers are just the cherry on top of what it has to offer those who come to visit.

Charlotte (Douglas) International Airport

If you’re looking for airports near Charlotte, North Carolina, then Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is your best bet. This airport is certainly a mighty one, as not only is it a public airport, but it also provides a service to the US military.

You’ll find it based over to the west of this region, where it provides flights to over 150 countries and regions. This airport is so busy, that it ranks as the 24th busiest across the globe. You’ll even find some of its military aircraft in the Carolinas Aviation Museum. Thanks to its enormous size, it is also a hub of major transport links to and from the city of Charlotte. It’s also home to plenty of car rental agencies, ensuring that once you land, you can get going to your vacation destination or business trip. If you’re searching for ‘car rental CLT airport’ then look no further. Our partner company, Advantage Rent a Car, has car rentals available from Charlotte Douglas International Airport available all year round, meaning you can get to and from your destination whenever you need to.

Concord Regional Airport

You may have seen this airport pop up in Google’s results if you’re trying to find somewhere near the area of Charlotte. This airport is comparatively tiny in size – in fact you might want to see it as a bonus airport for Charlotte Douglas International. This airport is often used as a supporting airport, as it only has one solitary runway to land on. which is mostly used for public flights. You may find yourself landing into this one if you are unable to land at the international airport.

Piedmont Triad International Airport

As North Carolina’s third-busiest, Piedmont Triad International Airport certainly carries generous portion of North Carolina’s air traffic. However, it’s also a brilliant airport for domestic flights – particularly along America’s East Coast, and the rugged mid-western states. In fact, it carries well over two million passengers every single year. You can almost guarantee most airlines fly from this airport. You’ll find all the usual food outlets, postal serves and other duty free shops.

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport

This local airport is bursting with southern charm, thanks to its small-scale location. They provide a quick check-in service and a comfortable departure lounge to wait for your flight.

While this airport may not be as large as its sister airports, it hosts both private and commercial flights. This is the ideal coastal airport to fly from to larger, international airports.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

This airport stakes its claim as North Carolina’s second-largest airport. It’s not only its physical size that makes it an airport giant, but also the sheer volume of people who pass through it on a daily basis. It was estimated that over 10 million airport passengers journeyed through its vicinity in just one day. Its airline traffic sprawls across the United States and through domestic locations – 40 to be exact.

Albert J. Ellis Airport

Based near Jacksonville and its local Marine Corps base, this is the perfect local airport for those in the nearby area who are in need of a domestic flight. If you’re looking for a hop, skip and a jump to a nearby state and want to grab your bags and go, this airport is incredibly convenient. It acts as a jumping block for both Atlanta and Charlotte’s main international airports, which both provide to countless countries across the globe. This airport also prides itself on its handy parking and useful facilities while you wait for your flight.

North Carolina is home to some of the south’s busiest airports. You can catch a flight to pretty much anywhere across the globe. Even if you find yourself being much closer to some of its more regional, small-scale airports, you can still catch a connecting flight to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. You will also find cheap and easy car rentals from CLT, making your transition from your flight to the highway as seamless as you would want it to be.

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