Getting a Rental Car After a Car Accident

Rental Car for Car Accidents

The last thing many people want or can do after a car accident is to get back into another vehicle a few days later, but life doesn’t just stop because you had a near miss. If you aren’t hospitalized, your work will expect you back in the office, which means you will need to procure another vehicle or means of transport.

As the average time to repair a damaged vehicle after a car accident sits around 2 weeks, making do with public transport or with being driven around by a friend or family member is not very feasible. Instead, you will want to look into getting a rental car after a car accident.

Work With Your Insurance Company

If you have rental coverage in your insurance policy, then your representative will help you rent a vehicle. If you don’t, and the accident was not your fault, then it is the other person’s insurance policy that will pay for this coverage. Getting the approval for this could take a week or longer, though there is the possibility that you can rent a vehicle and get paid back for the rental later on.

What Steps Do You Need to Take to Rent a Car After an Accident?

The steps you will want to take to rent a car after a car accident are as follows:

1. Get Approved by your Insurance

If there is a chance that your insurance will cover your rental, then you should go through them. This way, you don’t have to pay out of pocket while your vehicle is getting repairs.

2. Find a Car Rental Agency

You will then need to find a car rental agency that works with insurance providers, like E-Z Rent a Car.

3. Bring Your Full Coverage Insurance Policy

You will want to bring your full coverage insurance policy if you want to avoid paying extra for their insurance policy. This means full coverage and collision insurance as well.

4. Credit Cards or a Cash Deposit

You will need to provide either a credit card or a cash deposit. Don’t worry; so long as nothing happens to your rental vehicle, then you will get your deposit back. In the case of E-Z Rent A Car, you will need to use a credit card to cover the deposit.

5. A Valid License

You will need to provide a valid driver’s license to secure your rental.

6. Be an Appropriate Age

Unfortunately, most car rental agencies won’t rent out a vehicle to those who are 24 or younger. If they do, then the prices are typically higher. E-Z Rent a Car will rent to drivers under 25 but older than 21. Additional fees may apply.

What Kind of Vehicle Can You Rent?

Rental cars for accidents are typically chosen by your insurance company. Generally speaking, you can expect to rent a compact to mid-size rental. The only exception to this is if you have special needs. In that case you will be provided with a special rental that accommodates these needs.

How Long Will Your Rental be Covered?

The rental will be covered by your insurance company from a few days to a few weeks.

Until Repairs are Finished

For repairs, which typically take up to two weeks and sometimes longer, you can expect your insurance to pay for your rental throughout this time.

Or: Five Days After a Full Auto Replacement Settlement is Reached

If your own vehicle is deemed too wrecked to warrant fixing, then you will be covered for your rental until a settlement is reached. Typically, this will occur within five days of the accident.

What Other Options Do You Have?

Renting a vehicle to drive after an accident through your insurance is not the only option you have. If your insurance does not cover this cost, then you will need to pay out of pocket. You can save money while doing so by choosing a great budget option that has exceptional gas mileage.

Another way to keep costs low is to set yourself as the only driver. If more than one person in your household needs access to a vehicle that is now in the shop, however, then you can pay extra to add drivers to your rental agreement.

Getting back to your daily routines after a car accident can be difficult, but you should not wait. Don’t let your accident make you scared of driving. Instead go through your insurance and rent a vehicle and get back into your daily routines. Your life shouldn’t stop nor get interrupted because of a car accident, and with a great rental you can get back into the swing of things in no time.