Top 8 California Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

Top 8 California Attractions You Don't Want to Miss

California is renowned for its magnificent natural landscapes. With beachy surroundings and glorious weather, there are plenty of beautiful sights to explore. Now before you start planning your perfect Calfornia Itinerary, you’ll need to determine a budget, decide whether to use a rental car and how much you are willing to spend on accommodations. Oftentimes with traveling, the earlier you book the more chance you have to snag a great deal! And there’s no exception when it comes to renting a car. Start here if you’re ready to book!

There are many places to see in California, to make sure you see everything you want, make a list of notable destinations and put them in order of importance. Things do not always go according to plan, so you may find that you won’t be able to see and do everything – this is where having activities and destinations ranked will pay off. Here are the Top 8 California Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss:

1. Sequoia National Park, South Sierra Nevada

Seeking dramatic landscapes and natural beauty that’ll take your breath away? The Sequoia National Park is filled with some of the largest trees you can see, presenting you with a truly spectacular experience. Tip: Be sure to check out General Sherman!

2. Pier 39, San Francisco

Are you a lover of bright lights and funfairs? While it is no longer a working pier, there are many restaurants and shops to explore – and all within an environment that’ll tickle your childish nature. You may also be lucky enough to spot seals lay around the pier!

3. Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful Californian gem, and one all tourists should witness. Peaceful waters and calming surroundings can offer a serene atmosphere; however, it is also a perfect place to take the children for fun in the lake’s waters. Once you’ve had enough of the lake, you can visit Vikingsholm, a modern-day castle that is itching to be discovered.

4. Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains

You’ve most likely heard about Yosemite National Park and all the hype surrounding it, but don’t let this turn you off. Yosemite lives up to its expectations and is a must-see for any hikers who wish to trek mountains.

5. Santa Monica Pier & Pacific Park, Los Angeles

This oceanfront amusement park is wondrously fun and perfect for couples or families alike. There are many family-fun rides, including its famous Ferris wheel, but its lights make it a fantastical place to visit. Tip: You can visit the pier for free, however, carry change so that you can easily pay for rides.

6. Death Valley National Park

Do not let the name put you off, or the fact that this is the driest and hottest place in all of the United States. The colors of this national park are spectacular, with burnt oranges and red. You will want to plan before visiting the Death Valley National Park, though, as park rangers may not let you in unless you have enough water.

7. California’s Pacific Coast Highway

Considered one of the most beautiful drives in the United States, the Pacific Coast Highway can make your west coast road trip one to remember. As you drive down the highway, you will be blessed with beautiful scenery of beaches, the sea, and blue, sunny skies. Be sure to pull over (where safe) and look off into the horizon so that you can soak it all in.

8. California One Highway

The highway goes from San Diego to San Francisco, taking you through the wine country as well as beaches. To make it even more picturesque, you will also experience winding coastal roads. California One Highway is a must for seasoned road trippers who love to see the beauties of the world pass them by.