How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent a Car?

How old do you have to be to rent a car

Whether you are planning a road trip, need to rent a car for a house move, or to help you overcome a temporary transport challenge, hiring a vehicle is an affordable and efficient solution. Before you make concrete plans, you need to check how old do you have to be to rent a car. Otherwise, your travels may become disrupted. You may have had a valid driving license for several years, but minimum age restrictions apply to hiring a vehicle.

In most states of North America, the age that you can rent a car is 21 years of age. The exceptions to this are for military personnel and those renting from the states of New York and Michigan where the minimum age for car rental is 18. Sometimes additional restrictions to the lease may be made too, so do check when you make your rental car reservation whether they apply and how they will affect your journey.

Why do I have to pay more?

The statistics of car accidents from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that drivers under the age of 25 and over the age of 85 are more likely to be involved in a car accident. Therefore, it may be more costly if you fall into this age bracket. This may seem unnecessary, but the statistics are provided for a reason, and as you reach the age bracket of lower sums, your costs too will go down. The good news is that you are not totally discounted from renting a car just because you are under 25 years old! There are options for you, and you aren’t restricted in terms of how you’ll get around on your next trip. Your dreams of a getaway, be that with friends or loved ones, is still achievable. Doing your research beforehand means you’re fully aware of your options before the trip comes around.

Standard rental car

You may have dreamt of pulling up to your graduation in a convertible BMW, but because of your age you may be offered a less prestigious car. That’s not to say there is no prestige in a Mustang, it just means that your expectations need to be altered. Contact us to see the collection of cars that we can provide you. The limitations in place do not restrict you completely, with plenty of options still available for you to make the most of any trip. Factors to consider include trunk space if you are planning a long road trip. Have a think about what sort of vehicle you may need and the practical considerations, if needs be.

Young driver surcharge

If you are under 25, but over 21, you may have to pay a daily young driver surcharge. Yes, you can still rent a car, but you will have to budget for it costing a little more. This may involve an extra cost per day. The extra fee per day is worth budgeting into your trip so that you’re fully aware before you set off. This will mean you can make the most of your trip, while making use of your vehicle, knowing all the facts so you can plan accordingly.


Regardless of age, you may have to undergo checks with the Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm that you’ve not been involved in any car accidents. You will also need to have a credit card in the driver’s name.
If you are planning to rent a car, it is important that you make sure that you are old enough to do so. If any friends are additionally joining you and plan to be insured on the vehicle, this is another factor to consider to make sure everything is in place to sort this out. Make inquiries in advance of the date that you need the vehicle so that you are fully aware of the budget that you will need, and have time to make alternative arrangements if you need to. By being prepared, you can make the documentation process much easier. This will ensure less bumps along the way in terms of sorting your rental car. Doing your research before can mean your trip isn’t compromised in any way.
Tip: If you are planning to rent a car and you are under 25 years old, the best way to reduce costs is to take advantage of any of the coupons that apply to your situation. You will be able to offset the young driver surcharge against the coupon.

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